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Anybody randomly can get a set of free tires and and it could be used to make sure your tires and sign up and participate in that all right. Let's talk a little bit of truck racing because they had the first two races of their playoff off run. Brett moffitt defending series champ with a new team. This year goes out and wins. Bristol then goes out and wins the road course in Canada now facing racing Las Vegas. He's already locked into the next round but two guys are going to be eliminated here after Las Vegas Motor speedway. I'm blown away that simply you talk about a guy. That's it's a staple of the truck. Series Been Johnny solder has just been tripping over themselves and and with with the issue of not being able to identify Hanafie why they're they're not like in the Kevin Harvick mentality of earlier say our trucks have been stupid fast and we're just tripping over our feet on pit road yeah. It's just been an anomaly of of years for Johnny. Solder 'cause you you just can't him and Matt craft in a realistically like the new Ron Hornets and Mike Skinner. They were in that series and they're representing the series areas and you're always going to be in the top two or three battling positions. Johnny simply hasn't had the year that he's wanted to over there backing authorities four or remember he had all that stuff in the middle part of the season where he got tangled up with Austin. Hill and then wound up being suspended for a race. He's only two points out chasing his teammate grant in finger to advance Tyler Ancram in the eighth spot and he's some fourteen points back but two guys will not advance after Las Vegas Motor speedway and you have to look at the usual suspects Brett Moffitt. There's already one to Ross chastain has been very fast freezing up into the third spot in the standings and Matt Craft and another veteran who has a really good record over history not necessarily this year on the mile and a half tracks and Austin hills. Come on of late as well yeah. They need to go to Vegas every driver you just mentioned and just have a good race we don't need to be. We don't need put a cap on it becomes Superman the driver. That's having the most fun so far is realistically ten races. Ago Wasn't doesn't even collecting points off dame. Ross chastain always got a smile on his face always realistically I don't want to say flipping the series the bird if you will but really has no concern over who cares what about what he's doing like. He doesn't if he upsets anybody or upset everybody. He's happy about it because that's what got him here. Driving up watermelon big time driving hard and having those niece motorsports guys really give him really fast trucks they they do have the alliance with G. L. S. but but he's beating those guys right. He's beating guys that realistically in the past have been considered better drivers and now he's beating them in their own equipment so Kudos to those guys. That's the one driver I hope can make homestead to to put on the show there because again that kind of track favorites his driving style but the other guys as we you mentioned Johnny Sauter only two points out. This thing is still wide open. One of the guys could win that we don't expect one of the guys could beat somebody by what three spots and advance. That's all takes at this point. The the margin is so close at the back end of the field. That's all it takes you know in truck racing at Vegas again as a as a wide open scenario these guys are going to be. It's almost like a mini daytona slash slash Talladega. It's a full on draft wide open for most of the corners and the thing offers that Vegas as you can go from the very bottom all the way to the top to try to get the best run possible possible so if your trucks not handling on the bottom line you can go to the middle or top and figure out where it is but you're going to be wide open for most of that mile and a half and produces one of the best race of the weekend we we will have by the way here on the motor racing network the world of West Gate. Two Hundred Gander outdoors truck series playoff race number three eight thirty this coming Friday and it is is Friday the thirteenth. Are you superstitious. Now it'll bring justice. It'll be a full moon yeah. I'm not really superstitious right. It's just a little service officious that makes all the difference as we go out there for a tripleheader weekend. It's GonNa be interesting to see. You've got a lot of team. Trucks running together in in the in the truck series there with Stewart freeze and also having the affiliation with then you've got the door sport guys with crafting and finger and johnny solder up in the standings yeah. I'm looking forward to the next three races in the truck so they don't go consecutively but they're they're the Vegas race which will be cut off and you got Talladega which who knows it was just crazy and then on the complete opposite end of Talladega Martinsville Yeah Right. It's like a slow motion. Talladega if you will be as much carnage at Martinsville's at Talladega will produce but the next three races obviously give you a really good idea. It's going to really dwindle the field down and then really put the pressure on whoever goes the Phoenix to try to make that last cut of the final four four for homestead so they have a really good set racist coming up that will provide a lot of good opportunities for the good teams as long as they don't make mistakes and anything can still happen for sure. We've seen a a lot of that in the truck series so far. This season set for another time out here on. 'em Are out loud. We'll talk about some xfinity racing and what we can expect there when we come back America. It's the moment you've all been waiting for. That's right outback delivery is here. They can enjoy lawyer affect favorites..

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