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When you can do like a semi-permanent gloss, it's got like a violent base to counteract any yellow in it, like brighten it up as much as possible. All right, we'll we'll discuss. Yeah, but I also love your color the way she's beautiful. All right. Let's talk about Antony love Antony such a hard worker. A really, really just truth. Got rock and by. It's all a person really rocking bide which one is Antony Antony food. So funny, like I'm like, give Antony more to do than just teach guy how to make Wachem only. But you know what? It's he gets a lot of flack for that, but I think that it's like when you think about, you know his vertical by vertical, like am I going to come in on a guy who's never used sunscreen before and give him like a light contour beat him. I going to show him how to Contreras face and how to, you know, get like, no, like you have to meet you were there. I agree. So yeah, I think he got a lot of undue fly for. I mean, a lot of these, Tom, the most, Tom hit, he get a lot of flack for that. Just like in the press, you got a lot of flack for his cooking skills in like Tom literally was eating Cheetos in mountain dew. Boomer guerrillas every day for like a year. So like getting him to make welcome only was Likud on blue, teaching him how to cut an avocado was like that was epic for him. Yeah, I think it's probably big city slickers kind of conscious violate Kerama. Oh yes. So handsome, so handsome and really so pathetic, and so smart and really, really carrying and just a really good guy like I cannot say enough good words about how my love them. You guys have all made a big Mark for each of your careers. Do you guys get competitive? Really? No, I think I think all of us really kind of operate by like that law of abundance versus the law of scarcity. I don't think that like when any of us gets something good that happens to us, they don't be like any of the rest of us that takes away an opportunity for the rest of us. I really like we do operate like from a law of abundant space and I, it doesn't feel jealous. All I, we were so happy for each other in like, really, I mean, they come to a lotta. My stand up shows they post my like we post each other stuff like we're all really supportive in really love each other. How is your stand up career. And it's been so fun. I, I was when I first started doing it. I, I was kind of coasting by only got everyone loves you so much of this show your new kid on the block. So you can kind of almost just like it up here and he has dance around and everyone thinks it's funny. Oh my God, like this is an art. This is the craft I gotta get it together. I'm like some really like working on my act. I'm really it's funny, reforming and clubs. And yeah, like clubs you in a place and it's just like, I, it's a whole new medium. It's a whole new Arctic feel like I haven't been this passionate about learning about something since I started doing hair. So it's really, it's like a whole new medium for me to get into and learning about it, or you take. No trial and error. I just I'm getting up. I work a lot with my friend, Kyle who is coming on the tour with me, the hotels dot com to her and she'll come to all my all. Comedy shows in. We're just spit balling a lot with each other and working a lot with each other, and it's just it's really fun and talking about your life and your life experience. Yeah, storyteller than a one joke that reminder person, but I work in some good one liners throughout, but those are always pretty meta, like I don't really plan those wins like you have today. Yeah. Well, I, I'm so happy for your success and thank you so much for doing this really nice to meet you still a little upset that you don't wanna make me over, but they haven't even brought the Heat's that you look. Great. Thank you. Thank you, Jonathan. Yes..

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