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Has fifty coronavirus deaths with cases reported in all but one state West Virginia correspondent Erica hill reports virus fears have led to a run on supplies as uncertainty grows Americans are stocking up for the long haul Ross the country stripped bare of essentials headlines wind through the stores and even outside the Golden State Warriors have extended a million dollar lifeline to its idled army of fifteen hundred ushers vendors janitors and others who normally keep the chase center humming I'm Bob sack the corona virus pandemic is change the American way of life from coast to coast as correspondent Nick what tells us Louisiana postponing its primary until the end of June in Ohio now no public gatherings of a hundred people or more in Maryland and California the barn I set at two hundred fifty four major cruise ship firms decided to suspend trips from the U. S. for thirty days president trump tweeted that carnival royal Caribbean Norwegian and embassy cruises all agreed to those suspensions and taking effect at midnight that U. S. ban on travelers from twenty six European countries Canadian parliament rushed through ratification of the new U. S. Mexico Canada trade pact on Friday the action taken before their three week break to help stop the spread of coronavirus and Mexico is thinking about tightening its northern border to slow the spread of the virus their verbal consent in two thousand seven marine first lieutenant Travis Manion was killed in Iraq after saving his.

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