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Jamie markedly David van Damme and Scott robin making sense of it all having some fun and I'm phrases this is mark Lee van Damme and robin all right the band camp and robin show I'm Jerry Markley David van camp will be back next week please with wife baby there is got Robbins yes word is over yeah it is I don't know that you don't know that we don't know that now this just where people think it's headed right now with the Senate impeachment trial that's where the money is yeah the vote is gonna happen tomorrow whether or not to bring for the witnesses at this time the feeling is there are enough Republicans to vote get we're done we've heard enough this charade is over yes but you don't know Porsche but some good arguments made though by golly yes some menu flipping and flopping all over the place got real I mean no I got you know I just Sir so I just took a big drink of apple cider and was was sweeter than I expected now that is anticipated different taste and you get it is like wow you know you've been fighting for what you got going yeah I do well yeah and I went to the doctor yesterday and in a sinus infection okay one more thing I haven't had before it's going to be check off the list are you planning all in your Antigo and then perhaps rickets are you not blaming all your bad takes this week for the flipping and flopping on the cell phone and our side I just I would that flipping and flopping is one thing one central thing and that is whether or not they're gonna call witnesses yes this is the one I've struggled with and as of this moment you'd say for this moment I'm saying they will not call witnesses but yesterday I wasn't so sure I understand I'm just glad you don't ask me pointed questions to keep it right this it's hard to tell Manuel it is I'm not sincere and I don't know anything more than you know or anybody else knows for that matter but it's just it had a feeling like they they had some Republican senators that we're getting kind of dicey as to whether they wanted to hear witnesses or not well it seems like I mean it has made a side I count on may be in it but okay a liar one thing we've learned in three years okay this bombshell after bombshell after bomb shell this is the big game changer that's what we're told all the time yes but there are times where something happens we almost like art is the boy crying wolf again right my going to check out for a wolf again with bold it's like okay well what what's the transcripts say okay so save it happened the way he says it did that gonna be coming out in the book it's still not gonna remove from from the presidency they're not gonna vote to remove him for that even if it's true so you kind of let it die down for a day and then the he wasn't on so much because after that first day you have different Republicans and won't sounds like we need to hear from John Bolton for until they you know do a little more investigating okay either that or they get their talking points one of the two yeah and now it seems like okay enough right gonna help this guy sell a book Adam Schiff is out there saying images all jumbled is very important only to find out how many times Adam Schiff is said down balls not credible until he serves your purposes yes so on it goes one thing and I mean I'm not sitting here telling you listen to me because I have the foresight to run it comes into politics yeah I can try to play that game but be full crap you just try to look at it like any other regular person and try to make sense of it right and from the get go with Ukraine knowing about Joe Biden hunter Biden breeze my then you keep barking up the U. K. crane tree it's going to hurt Biden worse than trump make a prediction some people think you're crazy I stick by that and I think it looks more in play than ever I don't Biden is really going to suffer right I agree with that and I but I think initially heading down the road that was an unforeseen outcome what you mean I mean I don't think when they started down the Ukrainian row to the phone call in the withholding of aid that I don't think they foresaw they meaning the Democrats that Joe Biden hunter Biden were so wrapped up in this thing they had to Obama knew about and I don't know well I don't know why would you go down that road if that were the case I mean unless you thought that people would either just dismiss it not investing hard I come after him hard or did you again conspiracy either here or did you is Democratic Party go no we know they will and we don't really want Joe does our as our nominee sells well awesome all this hard will knee capping now I and I don't know it's hard to figure out intent right now no it it it would be really something if they didn't for see it coming you have to because I that had there like reasons like this kind of took them all by surprise come on no I'm serious everybody had to know that that video was laying around somewhere of Joe's saying what they're accusing trump off well and they also knew about the job that's the biggest thing yes eighty three thousand dollars a month a business that's been corrupt that hunter Biden knows nothing about now of bomb for bombing knew about it I'm very surprised that no one's asking well he questioned it that's what I thought he could have stopped it people Jo aside zero this doesn't look good before so many people this is the way business is done it is still good friends and family members in the private sector I don't job a problem with that you know yes it happens all the time yes so we end with Biden no why did he jump back in do you think of that this wouldn't be uncovered at some point maybe see I I don't know that's the thing but if you knew that why would you do it that is the question if there was if there was a piece in the week talking about Joe Biden saying well the name of the piece was the tragedy of Joe Biden what is meant by that is this guy could have rode off into the sunset yes and not only would Democrats have had pretty good feelings about him yeah he was you know I said some things sometimes owns a gaffe monster but lovable enough it was there for Obama is all good at least some Republicans would say yeah I own I don't agree with the politics in is you know what ever a time when I said on record he's my friend how can hang with the guys yeah that'll beer with Joe right and now is completely different yeah well yeah this been forced to be different yes yes but here are just from the last paragraph of the peace without going to in all of it this is the tragedy of Biden's presidential campaign an old man convincing himself to do something no one in particular needs him to do and feeling sad about it and having to go on for weeks and months and during insults from people who would otherwise leave them alone right they would yes all because no one least of all the people who do who should care about him most gives a damn right no it's I I agree I think it's a very sad ending to his career the other thing is there's been all these different stories about his mental health yeah Hey man you decide on that on your own but yeah I mean he did have a hard time again yesterday he was mixing up countries he was yes so one being Ukraine well you can examine it like you just flat out acknowledging we've been doing everything we can do to keep fighting for van I'm Anne and guess what we tried it is not an Iraq is not working for an hour and a but this is me trying Ukraine father was third time's a charm I'll get it don't help me I'll get thank goodness at jeopardy yeah thank goodness you know and that was right after well the other day he was talking about and this is the part honestly like for just making a point there that everybody knows he told Sony's picking a vice president it's got to be someone that's ready to go right.

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