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The worst financial market in years, hiring freeze everywhere, Q four is looking great. So first of all, I do love the reaction from people on the left Robert Reich did the same thing. Another billionaire is going to, okay, I would like for you to name a giant tech company that is not owned by a multi multi millionaire. Really, name a big tech company that is not owned by somebody who's with hundreds of millions of dollars. They do not exist. There's no Twitter app that is owned by the homeless guy at the end of the street on grand in Los Angeles. That's not how any of this works. Twitter employees heard news of the latest development in Musk's potential purchase while they were in a meeting, discussing the company's goals in 2023, according to Bloomberg. Roman Chad hurry, the Twitter director of machine learning ethics transparency and accountability tweeted quote living the plot of Succession is effing exhausting. Well, I think this person will not have a job for a particularly long. This is just my quick prediction. Again, director of machine learning ethics transparency and accountability means presumably the director of censorship over at Twitter. And of course, CNN's Daniel Sullivan then tweeted this Twitter employee sums up what I'm hearing from folks inside the company today. Yes, because as it turns out, Elon Musk has different ideas about censorship than you do. And this is why you are so upset. EJ Samson, who works in global business marketing to encourage every Twitter employee to go outside and take a walk. Twitter's head of global development on the Weinstein simply indicated what a roller coaster it has all been. Well, you know what? The good news is that Musk is actually creating a self cleansing mechanism here. It's what or by buying, presumably all these people either out themselves and be fired or quit. And it'll be great, because Twitter needs to be completely restaffed. There's a deep state over at Twitter. In the same way there was a deep state in the federal government, meaning an entrenched bureaucracy that has ideas of its own. And all of those people can simply go away. That would be wonderful. Kevin ruse, who's a longtime critic of open speech on the Internet. He's making some predictions over at The New York Times and what exactly is going to happen now that Elon Musk takes over. Presumably he's going to clean house starting with firing, Twitter's chief executive pira agarwal, according to roose juicy set of text messages between Musk and his friends and business associates emerged last week as part of the legal battle in them. Musk made clear he was unhappy current leadership in particular with Bragg agarwal, the chief executive who took over last year from Jack Dorsey, the text showed that AdWord had initially sought to work constructively with Musk, but the two men eventually clashed, admiral one point told must be a text message his habit of tweeting things like his Twitter dying was not helping me make a Twitter better. What did you get done this week? Musk shot back. This is a waste of time. Yeah, man. Well, good, good, because all these people need to go. Ruth says that the employees will revolt. Well, oh, oh no, so really, go

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