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Sounders thrashing pumas in a home and away series? 5 to two on aggregate. Champions League winners in 2022. The campione cup, do you guys remember at last versus New York City in New York two zero? The MLS All-Star Game again, the second time you lose the All-Star Game. Now you can say these things are insignificant, but they add up. And on top of that, Mexico couldn't beat the U.S. or Canada in World Cup qualifying home or away. The first time in their World Cup qualifying history they failed to do that. So they need this. Even if it's on paper, even if it's not their best moment, their mentality is this sports hours. Not theirs. Now, a little insight to why I feel this way, I'll give you a quick story. I've played in this competition, this concave Champions League, I've been in these finals. I remember a semifinal game. I'm playing with Santos laguna, oligo and Mackey's team and we're in a semifinal game against Toronto FC. This is back in 2012. The opening game, the first leg is in Toronto. It was a hectic game, a one one game in the end. Your boy scored that goal, by the way. And I remember the closing minutes of this game, things got testy. One foul led to another, which led to another, and then all hell broke loose. Players were shoving each other, security came on the field. They started shoving our players, the ref just said, you know what? We're calling this. It was probably for the best if I'm being honest. Now, that game ends one one. We're heading back to Tory on Mexico. Second leg in Mexico, where we know we are strong. And I remember the pre game talk. We had this assistant coach. His name was ektor adamites, and now after rarely said anything, he was very docile, very soft spoken, and all of a sudden, you see him. He's fucking gringos have everything. Everything. They have the NFL. They have basketball. They have baseball. But not this. This is

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