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Allowed to actually go out lie about it. Fine. If a load of employees go, I don't have take our giant. You know, you're not allowed to guard there and actually live. Have you seen the current state of the media. The amount lying happens on a regular basis. I said, I was correct. You're not allowed to do it the go ahead and do it anyway. He is is the my definition. You're allowed to do it. He shouldn't, and I don't believe Google has by the way. Good company. Awful lot of lying happening dot com. Yes, I will give you that some study cheery little extra technical thing. I've seen join pitchy. We'll just pay a cheap. It's actually called. No, it's it's basically federated. YouTube. But. You don't know that his federal you just go to someone can set up a video when they watched the video. You isolate you cheap, right? You just go to watch video bang, but it's actually being served not just from the server, the republished on both. So everyone else is watching this. I'm told books so loads of people watching thing, then you're not spending money on bugged with this is not my at why. So this is not like, you know, mastodon or something, but you decide I'm going to move from Twitter to this and then suddenly haven't gone mites. Explain this again. How does this what he got? So you know how Beethoven works, you decide to download the thing and you'll downloading from everyone else who's already downloaded this time. Yeah, that for watching videos. So you publish a video on your website. So if you on your website by now didn't publish on YouTube, including you actually published all your side self someone, cable on video streaming from you, aside from your savvy, this is a problem if a million people a wells. Yeah, which is why put on YouTube? Yes, but is it a problem if a million people do it at once. Maybe if it's on your survey yet, is. Serve fall. But the thing that was interesting about this is basically works like bittorrent. Now big big question here. Yup. To use this thing. Does anybody the people viewing the video that no, I d I don't have to sign up to anything. They don't even know it's being served for blows from people. That's more thought it was interesting too. Two thousand eighteen the BIC of high band with sites for freebie YouTube or other ones to me, makes us a non issue and because of the peering arrangements that they have signed in the way the internet works on the back and just not an issue in two thousand eighteen in my opinion. Also, if you read the peer to site, we recommend not to install peer too low and hardware or behind a we connection, for example, on a raspberry pi with an eighty s. l. connection. This could slow down all federations. Yes, federation's work. No. I think Jerry is not fun. I stopped reading the rest when I saw that on. I think it's interesting for people who don't want to publish on YouTube for whatever reason, there is some kind of attorneys which doesn't involve you get the bandwidth for all of your video. But if you. What about you? Gotta work are to have you tried what she videos and I'll cough dog. I mean, I love it, and everytime we've done videos by putting them on there, but it's actually very good serving videos by saying it's worse than a site that says could slow down all federations. I believe they're trying to avoid those someone going great. I'll publish my video on some incredibly slow thing, and then other people will eat for me and have to participate. So as the same kind of the call cola from people just download the thing, but they don't out loud leaches lead. She's thank you is the word I'm looking for. So they're trying to fight that. But I think it's interesting that someone's trying to do something the isn't just fine. Upload your video, someone else's server and live with it or spend a lotta Malia Obama. And if you don't let YouTube video. But I'm assuming that the argument against this. Is is the big is the big global, Google conspiracy and people, and they spy in his bubble, blah. If you don't like that use video, I I think think..

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