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Back and the Brewers win. It intended a first Midwest bank hotline. Here's respond. Castor and Leda Grendel. Playing good afternoon. How you doing? I'm doing great. Just pressing Pause on a little mid afternoon late afternoon, Grendel leveraging backyard baseball game. Oh, nice. That sounds sweet. Who's pitching and who's catching. Whose baton? How's that playing out? Jeff and I have done the majority of the pitching and our sons have done the majority of the hitting. That's fantastic. You gotta post some pictures of that. We'll try to get some up. Then we get it. Nate Lane. Do you wear a cup? When you do that? We need Teo and these voice can hit man, our two little guys that they eat, sleep and breathe baseball. So it's pretty fun, and we've got a lot of time. Obviously, with the delayed season two To go out and play and and we played a lot of the four of us, Jeff and I and our two boys and these two boys, man, they love baseball. It's fun. We want to make sure you keep breathing tense, right for sure. Hey, let me ask you about the games in Chicago. Great games, not just cause the crew 13 of four, but they felt like playoff games. I mean, they were tight. There was timely hitting, solid pitching intense. These were good baseball games. They really were. I think the way that the Brewers won them it just I made the comment on the broadcast yesterday to Jeff that because they were so tightly contested games because they were rivalry, games and games that matter in this division, and they all matter so much Mawr in a shortened season that I really didn't think about the fact that there weren't fans. And that's that's been an adjustment for all of us, obviously to this season and we miss the fans, but it was about the action. We were so on the edge of our seat with every pitch. We really got lost in it over the weekend, and that made it really fun. It felt really normal. And those are good ones for this team lane. I think a big thing that stood out to me is the fight that the Brewers were down multiple runs in each one of these games. They ended up coming backto wins so Now. There were times earlier in the year. I know we haven't played a lot of games just 20 but times where he thought down two or three runs that it's not looking good, but that takes grit and that clutch element and good bullpen work, right? I mean, I thought that was a big sign. That's the key. Greg. I think what you just mentioned with the Balkan. We was talking about your winning bullpen, and the Brewers have a good one right now with Williams and Phelps and hater. But the losing bullpen, I think, especially again in the shortened season might be even more valuable because if you can have some come from behind victories in turn, L's into W's. It's a big deal, and when you have well, it's not gonna be Corvin Burns anymore because he's going to be in the rotation starting tomorrow night. But when you have a Corbyn Burns and a Freddy Peralta and a Brent suitor that can come out of your bullpen and give you multiple innings and keep the score where it is, it gives your offensive Is to kind of start chipping away at that lead or that deficit, and it's how you have those kind of winds. If you keep giving up runs, you're not going to come from behind. You gotta go put a stop out there on the mound first before any comeback and happen, and I think the Brewers have the pieces to continue to do that, over the course of this year. That's what's exciting bottom of the lineup. Also doing some nice things. Absolutely. I mean, what Luisa Arias has done has been a huge spark plug for this offense. I mean, they needed somebody to step up and he's doing that. It's a good approach. He's taken of all the right field a lot right now and then Orlando Arcia. We said yesterday on the broadcast. How many times the last couple of years have we said man, if we could just get Orlando RC going well, he's going right now. And so you gotta ride that. And Manny Pina too. Many Penis swinging the bat really well, and we know how good he is defensively. So the bottom of that order, the more they can set that table is you get that second and third time through with those top guys with Kira and yell it and you get guys on base for those guys. You keep doing that really good things were gonna happen in this offense is going to take off at that point. So how is it gonna work down so burns enters the rotation? Eric lower Is that the alternate training site? It seems like Craig is Has had a starter and then a second guy with starter capability next in line with lower out does Zac in a little thin for counsel to make his second move? Yeah, that's I think that's a good question. Greg and I think that's what we're gonna have to watch over this Siri's in the next couple of serious, especially this series, because the twins are such a good offense there one of those offenses not unlike the Cubs, that can really run up your pitch count quick. Because they have so many dudes in that lineup one through nine, but I mean, they're still gonna have Freddy Peralta to run out there. They still have Brent Suter, but they really had three guys that he could go to for length in those kind of spots. Now he does have lower lower pitched well in that one time that he was used like that in Chicago, the opening weekend. But of course he's not on the active roster right now. So You know when he gets things right is admiral he could settle into before the season's all said then. I'm not sure that the other guys that are going to be fun to see when they get their opportunity are the two new guys. Drew Rasmussen has big time stuff. I mean, we're talking triple digits stuff with his fastball. And then Angel Perdomo is the guy that when you talk to the Brewers, people, their eyes light up. They think this guy's going to be a big time piece for them from the left side before it's all said and done. Maybe I don't know if it's going to be this year. Put down the road. And so those are going to be too interesting pieces when they get their chance to see what they could do on the mound for the Brewers to slay Grendel sponsored by Marco Technologies, right lane back to that baseball game, we'll let you go. Who are losing? We gotta come from, huh? We got faith in you. Thank you, Lane. Thanks, guys. At Airforce. One has just touched down in Ashutosh, a blue sky with billowy white clouds and air force One has dropped out from those.

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