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Taste better writer Alaskan AC dot com book Republicans have gone to court trying to block what Democrats are trying to do in the house today let some lawmakers votes remotely from home more than four dozen Democrats have requested a fellow lawmaker serve as a proxy for boats this week two weeks ago we divided house approved the standing order giving lawmakers the option to vote remotely for a limited amount of time to do the corona virus pandemic representatives in districts close to DC like Virginia's don Byron Maryland Jamie Raskin have agreed to hold proxy votes for colleagues Republican leaders opposed the plan arguing if millions of a central American workers can show up so can Congress Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also raised constitutional concerns Jared Halpern fox news three senators are no longer being investigated for possible insider trading the justice department closing a probe into Republicans James in often Kelly left learned Democrat Dianne Feinstein but Republican Richard Burr is still under investigation there's still no baseball and there's a clash between the MLB and the players over proposed pay cuts holding up plans to try to start the season sometime this summer there's also no basketball end right now no hockey even when the NHL returns to action commissioner Gary Bettman says they'll have a right into the post season for purposes of nomenclature record keeping and NHL awards two thousand nineteen twenty regular season has been deemed incomplete and there on NBC sports announcing that the regular season is over and confirming a twenty fourteen expanded playoffs and feature the top twelve seeds in each conference based on points percentage the eastern and western conferences will each be based out of a hub city yet to be determined but Batman Tuesday did announce a list of finalists including Edmonton Las Vegas and Chicago no set date yet for the NHL the restart button assured extensive Kobe nineteen safety protocols including an abundance of testing that Apollo Tonto fox news Wall Street stocks.

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