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Right look i mean our our hearts could should go out to the police who are in uniform who guard target the terrorist attack in paris heavy huge advantage you find time after time if you have a police officer in uniform guarding a target and you have an attack will be the first people shot it because the terrorists no they're the ones with the guy so whether be orlando or uh the charlie hebdo magazine attacked and harassed or the january first attacked that we had an instant goal this year time after time it's the law enforcement guy who's the first guy shot at bomb but you know uh having permit concealed handguns actually make safer for the law enforcement because when the terrorists goes and start shooting at the police officer dave revealed their position may make it so that they you have to worry about whether somebody behind the merck the side might have a permanent concealed handgun it might be able to go and and shoop now it the issue the important issue here is who obey the laws when you go and banned guns in an area is the most lawabiding good citizens to obey them in there rather than making people safe we we we have the opposite so when you know if you want to get rid of guns you know look at every place in the world this banned guts it's just not washington dc or chicago but ever play that we have murdered data before and after the ban the murder rate went up there's not one place where even state the say it you'd think on a randomness you get one place where murderers would have stayed the same after bad but what happened is is that when you disarm the most lawabiding good citizens relative to the criminals he make it easier for them to commit.

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