Rudy Giuliani, Tomlin, Donald Trump discussed on Impeachment, Explained


Was doing everything he did at the behest of the president. Did he do. Some things did out details or me with some people without doing long briefing of the president. I guess that's possible but I think that Rudy Giuliani was not being rogue the other reason why I think that argument doesn't hold water. Is You had multiple witnesses. This is talking about how things were vetted around what Giuliani was doing and in particular again obviously ambassador silent has a reason to make sure that he's giving the impression that everyone knew what was going on. Is that the defense of him. Because some people were beginning to throw him under the bus along with Rudy saying well you had silence and other folks they were kind of rogue someone very credibly in other areas not fully credible but in this area I think he was. He said over and over again in his testimony. The everyone was in the loop. I mean he used that phrase repeatedly and he kept talking about the things that he did with respect to Ukraine and you know the linkage between this for that as being at the direction of the president of the United States he does it over and over again so I think this idea that allies of the president have. It's a typical. You know strategy to blame some other person to have a fall guy. But that's just not with Rudy. Because of what Rudy himself would say really himself has said and what other witnesses like can bastards Tomlin have made clear the other thing about rudy himself might say he was on Fox News over the weekend and he people think he goes away but he doesn't I don't know he's he's always there and at some point he said I've seen things written like he. He meaning the president here is going to throw me under the bus when they say that A. He isn't but I have insurance. What did he make Rudy? Giuliani saying. I have insurance on Donald Trump. I don't you know he is then said Rudy has himself said it was as being sarcastic in funny kind of sarcasm. Well the reason speech. It's hard to. It's sometimes hard to explain Elaine. The intent of people who are hard to understand so the single.

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