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Gullikson on his brand new book built not born self made millionaires No-nonsense guide for entrepreneurs my good friends at nonprofit one fully live dot. Org Dream Plan and live your best life. Check THEM OUT AT ONE. Life fully live Dot Org. Also want to remind you about my Marketing PODCAST lockhead on marketing. And what makes it different is? It's one of the few marketing podcasts. On strategy and mindset most episodes and others might be hard to believe are short fairly to the point and We were lucky enough to make number one in marketing number. One in business on Apple podcasts. So check out. Lockhead on marketing. Also my dear friend Duska Zapata and her best selling book how to be ferociously happy and other essays a podcast. I love with Jaime J. Culture eats strategy. Check it out another podcast. I love grumpy old. Deeks with my friends. Jason Filipo and Brian Show Meister. Check them out also. Check OUT DRYER DOT COM. It's what legendary entrepreneurial people are reading today grow wire dot com my friends at crash dot co one help you crash your career and catapult your Career and your job search to a whole new level checkout crash dot co slash different. That's crash dot co slash different today. And if you're in Australia check out my buddies at rapid media DOT COM dot. Au Legendary Marketing Media and communications in Australia rapid media DOT COM dot. Au all right. I need to remind you that. Today's information is provided you solely for informational purposes in this odd cast is the sole property of the lockhead odd cast network and we deeply deeply appreciate it when you tell your friends about this odd cast and you share it on. Social Media. Thank you so much on being nice to your mother. Support your local entrepreneurs. Don't forget to buy John's crazy. Socks tell to people. You love about podcasts. You love remember. Don't be lame. Get Out of the passing lane. Listened to the tragically. Hip only by pastor rage raged pastor raised free range. Eggs member chickens are people to thank. You can't Dandy..

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