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Retreat, Morgan Williams for Bradley Beal tomorrow, and this could all look different by the time. We revisit this in a week or two, but the the only other team I thought about is if the Knicks can somehow would Durant this July of it would be pretty fun to see them then turn around and find space for Kemba. Walker as well. Because I don't think that they're gonna get Kyrie Irving or somebody to play with Katie and and Kemba Walker back in Madison Square Garden reliving the biggies tournament every single day. It would be pretty great as well. But in general, it does seem like the Sixers are the best fit and make a lot of sense. If you were Kemba, what would you do would you just resign? And just be that guy whose like old school won t one franchise your whole career that love of the fan base. I never turn my back on them. Would you take the big cash out? Would you chase a title with Philly? What would you do? I would probably go chase the title in part because the way Kemba Walker has handled the last eight years in Charlotte has been so impressive and endearing that he's going to be kind of untouchable for life and beloved for life down there and Charlotte, regardless of what? He does this summer, and I like, I can't speak for Hornets fans. But I know if I was rooting for someone like a Walker and watching him like watching great gains v squandered repeatedly over the course of several years. I would say look be great somewhere else. We will always love you year. And I think he's got that kind of relationship with the fans there. So at this point like go, take your shot, if you can get max money somewhere else in a situation where you're going to be contending every year. Like see what you could do. I still don't totally believe that can book it could do this at the highest levels of the league in the playoffs. But I think everybody who watches these leak past games like wants to see that happen. Another possible team for next summer. What about the clippers? You know? They've got a an interesting situation there where could you play him with shea at the same time possibly. Maybe you move on from Beverly you've got a bunch of expiring contract you're going to have flexibility if you strike out on the list guys or even if you can get one, but then find room to to create too. Would Campbell be sort of like the face of the clippers going into next season? I mean, I could be a team that would have some interest there in terms of long term. I don't know. Are you ready to turn the whole thing over to share yet? I guess that's the question. And I would say no, I think we might be jumping the gun if we're factoring shea into max free agents, the clippers will or won't pursue. He's been really good and really fun to watch. But like he's probably a couple years away from really swinging anything in the playoffs. And so go the clippers. I can't wait to see what clippers free agency turns into because there are a dozen different possibilities for them. They could do a lot worse than camp. Right. I mean, obviously, they they're hoping for better in their mind. They're thinking, Katie hidden, right? But okay, what's that really going to shake out as if you wind up coming home with him? But that's a pretty good summer. All right, two final questions here. I from Scott who says I've never emailed in. But I couldn't pass this up. I'm up in Boston. This. Weekend and driving through the Longwood area telling my girlfriend about Andrew's Turkey and counter, right? As I finished telling the story, we see a family of Turkey's on the side of the road a minute later, we keep driving and are turning onto beacon street and two more turkeys are right there in the road. I guess turkeys are taking over Boston. And yes, thank you, Scott. We got a lot of a lot of feedback for people who said that Turkey's are relatively common in Boston. And it's seen a couple more in my years up there. I forgot that the part of the story that I forgot is that I wasn't. I was in the long area because at the time, I was dating a nurse. And I was dropping her off at work at six in the morning..

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