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I get so funny I gue- I guess I do have really close friends like that and I don't I never ask anything of the. Like I don't ever ask I, try not to ask for things from Joe I'll ask to be on a show I'm a special coming out but I know that Joe would expect that of me. You know that it'd be like, yeah why didn't you ask me? but it is crazy. I wondered about that and so we talk about the making of Deuce bigalow which. People may forget was a fucking smash it like if you're younger and you don't remember Deuce Bigalow, I saw in the movie theater with my dad the reason I bring this up after two movies ever in his life and it's something about Marian Deuce bigalow. He cried laughing and Deuce bigalow. It was a fucking hilarious. Be We talk about that? We talked about him and and Sandler and Spain the whole group of them and Chris Rock. We talk a lot about that. It's a great great. Great. Great great conversation. But we talked mostly about. The fact that like we haven't gone up in San. Francisco we talk about comedy and that is and I will tell everyone if you get the chance go back and listen to his podcast with Marc Maron 'cause I. Think I forgot. He was just a comic one day like when he got into this business, he just wanted to be a comedian just like me and identified with him so much. Okay. I really gotta go now. I'm running late to this re now and I gotTA brush my teeth identified with him so much on marriage podcasts I was like, oh, he's everything I was just wanting to be comic and then the business was different at that time. He didn't start a podcast. He just got on SNL and made movies and did the road a little bit. Now he's doing the road again and I was been focused on Santa for ten years and he has this great special Asia Mama. Mexican. Kids. which you should check out Netflix's. Ladies and gentlemen without further Ado I'm going to get a root canal. Without further ADO. Stand up. Comedian. Rob Steiner..

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