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So that and I think as far as like recent years beyond the lights for me, I haven't seen in theaters. It's really great. It's Gina, prince biff would I think the director of basketball? Yeah, she directed the movie and stars. Unfortunately, Nate Parker. This was like before that controversy. Sure. But, yeah, the big sick, I think counts, you know, it's about two people falling in love in some way or whatever. And this one I mean because it also highlighted like them being of two different backgrounds like it wasn't slake strictly about relationship or love that added to it. But to thing is so council of from come. I mean, I think that one if we're going to like if we're going to split the John right until like different subcategories, like that's definitely like an indie one. Those are trickier in late like sneakier in a way because you're like, oh, I'm just gonna. Watch this lake. Cute, indie. Move. V with ball, blah, and you think you're expecting something else and then you go into it and you watch it and you're like, oh, like I'm crying like ocean. Oh, no, I wasn't expecting this and it's like they Gotcha. Interesting to note is that I think there's a lot of rom coms coming up that have been labelled as rom coms, but aren't necessarily as traditional like I would love to talk about a little Italy. Probably could be my favorite movie of twenty eight. Yeah. Trailer. I father would consider this the highest form of treason the pizza or as being again. Kind of complicated. It's Emma Roberts and hating christianson. Someone I have not thought about in Lincoln decade. They are the son and daughter respectively of like warring, Italian pizza, making families. I mean, everything I guess has been done. So people have to like they really, really. Grasping at straws for being stories. I guess it's like Romeo and Juliet, like pizza. Or a movie that I never wanted to see more as Romeo and Juliet, but with pizza, I think we should talk specifically about Judd appetito. Unfortunately, I'm thinking specifically of knocked up. Yeah, I did like that movie. I did also Novi. Yeah, he brought back kind of like the young adults coming a gap movie that also incorporated relationships and knocked up was probably, yeah, out of his movies. That is the one that's most wrong com. Yeah, I mean the forty year old virgin, right? Yeah, is sort of out counter, like in off kilter sort of rom com and both kind of like ideas. They're starting with one very specific thing about a person like Raymond or like a primary like one very specific premise. I feel like that's a little bit different from the nineties movies where it was more about falling like foreign love, like finding the person. Right. Like the meek, you guess like evolved become a little more situational instead of trying to kind of be like, all right, here's sue people and how each other. 'cause I mean, I think the thing that really. Distinguishes what you're saying like the earlier ones are more about happenstance. Right, right, right. Which is slightly more like traditionally romantic, like there's so many people in the world, and then these two people into me happy don't eat and blah, blah, blah. And now they're in love forever and divorced isn't exist. I mean, I don't know cynical necessarily like the premise of not right up is like a little more cynicism. Yeah, I kind of seeing different types of setups. Yeah, I think I enjoy more so the ones that are slightly more, I guess the ones that are more cynical. It's not surprising, but I will say when I was looking at this list, have you heard of or seen? I'm sure you have forget Paris. No God that it's my old school. For some reason. I was really obsessed with that. Like in God lemme probably in middle school. Okay. It's Debra winger and Billy crystal, of course. Billy crystal. Yeah, he is a referee for the NBA are may have seen this right? And that sounds familiar? Yes. And he's a referee. For instance, there's a lot of basketball players in it. He's always on the road, their relationship. It's like told backwards. There's a scene in which Debra winger gets a pigeon stuck in her hair, which the burden of box gets in the car and hedge for the vent birds very nervous. She's driving along. She gets a huge pot up in the air time..

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