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It is brought to you by straight talk wireless best phones best networks no contracts happy thirty seventh birthday to andre johnson happy birthday to him i don't care good luck hall of famer right yes thirty seven year old andre johnson goes in on the first ballot one of the best athletes in the history of the university of miami which is saying a bit i remember even in that championship year that nuclear arms team that they had that had all those pros on it like i think three quarters of the secondary was drafted that that era of university of miami football andre johnson was the physical specimen that the other specimens looked at you know back when miami was alabama and all these guys are men playing against kids andre johnson was the guy who had muscles stacked on top of muscles that the other guys were marveling at and then he gets the league and very quietly right does it do you feel like you know andre johnson at all no not at all i know he doesn't like portland finnegan it's on so andre johnson quietly like how does that one work because he wasn't in the playoffs is it is it because how does that work with andre johnson where this man is excellent football for longtime he is going into the hall of fame he is at a glamour position in america's most popular sport and you don't know his personality beyond quiet i don't know if it's about postseason stuff i mean why leonard's one of mba championship we don't know nobody is a superstar is super star of if we know the name we know he's got the fame that comes attendant with having a personality even if he doesn't have a personality i think maybe when i was growing up a lot of the nation wouldn't realize how good andre johnson was probably struggle to make the whole fame on the first ballot but we now live in an era where famous football is king and andre johnson was there when fantasy football was hidden enshrined as a as almost as popular as the sport itself so he is known throughout in respect throughout as fantasy monster really he is but he's gonna struggle first ballot he's gonna struggle just because it's wide receiver and compare when you got a pro football reference they compare them the guys like chris carter and andre reid and all those guys who struggled to get all famous guys going on there with chris carter the writers wanted to sort of teach them a te'o lesson tim brown's on that list to like it took him a while to get in right tim brown did it no i don't recall it taking tim brown awhile getting khris card or i do and andre reid took forever but no i don't think of tim brown is one of those guys why are people writing me that golick and wingo didn't another one of those polls because they did another one of those polls what was the pull this time well they're apparently doing this summer take off with with polls and his hot take debate items and yesterday there was a country vs rap or country ran away within according to their listeners that was very bothersome not the country ran away with it and it wasn't as bothered him as the day before when in saint in the backstreet boys were put on a list ahead of the jackson five it's the definitive list i don't know what to tell you that it was also the results okay so the goal iq and wingo show put their scientific poll and it reveals that country music is the best by how much sixty three percent and so we put out a counterpole that's what kind of music is the best hip hop our country and how did ours come back rap sixty eight percent is he exact simple word for word copy pasted so now what they do today is.

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