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Three one swaying drive field and turning around dominic smith and there is a career high seventeen over for cj krone it's a three run first innings john and the race take a three nothing lead over the mets save wells on raise radio race pummel the mets nine nothing also the mariners beat the rockies six to four in the national league national league nat king dazzle the phillies not only with his right arm but also was one to pitch swing a line drive toward left field hoskins going back and it's all very sad second base hashtag d h the pirates laid it three to four hours the craig brown on pirates radio pirates over the phillies four to one on the man that king of modeling are running foreheads sober six innings elsewhere national league marlins ten nationals to rowers ten braves three in san the cubs over the reds six to five giants thirteen cardinals eight their top fifteen in arizona padres diamondbacks are tied at three the american league will start with the red sox royals in case comes to pitch swing sets a ground ball through the infield left side obey said morlin stores they'll hold bogart's at third seven three red sox because they're getting to the royals late in the ball game again much like they did last night tim never it on red sox radio red sox beat the royal seven four elsewhere american league intend to blue jays one eight six indians nothing rangers.

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