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All the nascar races are equally as is awesome so it's just a great to be a part of you've got ties to nascar obviously with a chicken ancia racing yeah drive the chip can ask the ford racing number sixty six four gt and the world endurance championship and we also competed at the twenty four hours a day tone on the twelve hours of searing this year so switching from being one of his drivers to one of his combat cup side is going to be pretty fun what's the difference in the i guess everything in terms of the four gt race car and the production model which is wicked cool walls one of the development drivers for the the four dt as well as the four gt race car long lescot maxwell so we both were involved with the developmenet which coincided with each other we had the race car and the streetcar at the race track at the same time and it truly is a race car for the street there's a lot of cars that are most race cars are streetcars that are then converted into race cars this car was from from the geico designed to race and win at law and it did and to be a part of that development from day one and driving the first test meals on up to the production streetcar end to compete in the twenty four hours a lamont in the race cars it's been an awesome experience and there's no other car in the the gt gtl i'm class that is as close to the production car for the race cars and close to the production cars the the four g t it be look under the hood if you look under while the body panels everything is almost identical to the the street car in and you really can't say that about any of the other manufacturers.

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