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Interventional studies with multiple components, including Derek, I think is much needed in this greater by medical space. So let us pause there and just go over some basics here. So what's the postage stamp version of paleo diet, the regular paleo? Yes. Oh, journalists, basically, removing grains legumes dairy rely. Yes. So the three main principles, I think about our nutrient density, its ability to stimulate the immune system end. In also foods ability to positively negatively impact the gut microbiome, which is intimately tied to, to the gut barrier. So it's trying to remove foods that have low nutrient density agreed potential to be immuno-genetic immune system, integrator potential to calls, despite our bells gut microbiome in disrupt. Coby got bearing integrity, goes other principals. I mean, the whole idea to ancestral diet is independent of those mechanisms is it's trying to emulate dietary principles that we as a species have been following. So with Aldo scientific approach for thousands of years, we've evolved generations to, to eat. So sensually. It's everything's on the table, except being's right in that all beings, it pretty much pretty much all beans, grains, sale, usually, oh, gluten free, so that's weak. But you're talking oats, retains rice as well as. Yeah. So rices grain. I mean keen wa that you kind of get into kind of the alternative grains, but that kind of covers everything, right there, pumpernickel guess, but that's what that's additive anyway, whatever. Pumpernickel. Is there a political seed? What is pumpernickel Brit anyway? Yeah. But so. Right. So any basically any type of bread pizza crust cereals that come in box that, that sort of thing, and then dairies always kind of an interesting one. But there are some people genetically don't deal. Well with the, the lactose, and then, as you said, it can have some, some reactivity can be the, the calls of some auto immunity, and then so that segues into that's paleo. And then auto immune paleo is even more restrictive in that you take out some other foods that can be reactive eggs, his one, right? What else are kinda the highly reactive foods as executive nuts with ninety? Certain fruit survey spices to certain spices of removed, the Nightshade family, so things like a plants tomatoes. It's associated spices paprika that chili powder. Those things are are removed. Those are the main things. I mean, some of the other things that people would still could argue should have been on the paleo diet to begin with, but may be included things like coffee, a couch, you're technically legumes, but sometimes they are included in router, paleo, typically, those things are removed on a P and then, also it's the Elsa try to remove a century, any sort of multiplying agent, additive agents, or anything that could have been derived from a grain. So there's a lot of products in different gums that can be derived from corn products. So in the purest sense, you start to get into the weeds with some of these additives, but in of the basic Forbes, it's yet essentially moving nuts, and seeds eggs, Nightshade. Some of those associated spices great. Now also, let's talk about auto immunity is one of the things that's interesting with lime disease and this compensation still out there is. There's some thinking on researchers and doctors from the traditional side of things. The idea say, said things that the post Lyme syndrome. What they call it is actually an autoimmune disease. And in the beginning, I thought all of these guys are just not. They're trying to dodge the bullet in terms of the infection persists. But just because you have wine doesn't make you Munich from also developing an autoimmune disease in fact, if you're chronically inflamed from something like lime you're actually more likely to develop in addition to lime in autoimmune component as well. And so you brief again, really briefly. Because we could spend weeks. Socking autumn unity is briefly talk about what an autoimmune responses, and then what are some of the common named autoimmune diseases that people come up against? Yes, I Don unity can be thought of, in a lot of different ways. But essentially, it's reactively towards self tissue and the main self L F not soft. Yeah, wreck. Yeah. Reactively to, to self and the term. That's most commonly used in immunology is concept tolerance. So essentially, your body in order to be able to recognize what's foreign needs to be able to recognize self but recognition is not the same thing as reacting to. So there's a whole cascade of things as certain lymphocytes, so B cells T cells different Munich cells, as they develop, we have a very intricate set of processes for them to be able to recognize south. Not react to in certain cells in that developing process, or reactive to self or don't recognize it. Then they are typically go through a killed off. They don't go past the checkpoint. So you're trying to basically make him Yun cells that don't react to sell. So sometimes overlooked, that we recognize. Yeah, of course, we need to be able to respond recognize things that are foreign. But in order to do that. We have to know it self looks like so one of the things that can go wrong is when there's high degree of immune stimulation or the types of installation, you can sort of inadvertently start reacting to sell either because self looks a lot like a foreign elements, which is a content cold molecular mimicry. You can also have. It's called bystander affect, or essentially, you as a result attending response to inappropriate for agent of inadvertently, damaged self tissue in. That's still kind of thought it was an auto immune phenomenon. But yeah, you can think about a lot of different ways. But essentially, it's a loss of tolerance in the body's immune system, essentially, directing resources interview towards self tissue damaging soft tissue in instead of recognizing itself, and not reacting in this. Why spectrum and you know we thought about other other ways as well, but some of the most common disease states or hushing, does that resided switches, the disease state that we studied auto thyroid disease, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis lupus. It's quite fascinating to see the number of diseases that fall under this category. But it's also fascinating to see that in traditional medicine, we loves a sufficiently so that don't actually recognize the overlap between different diseases. So even. Multiple sclerosis might affect Mylan in the central nervous system. We see that as complete distinct entity for return greatest, which isn't disease affecting joints, in Snowville tissue. So, but from a functional perspective, we're like, no, those aren't like completely separate things. Shouldn't be approach with radically different drugs or therapies. We recognize that, you know, for me to develop there has to be disruption of the ecosystem area. There has to be in America. It'll severe mental triggers in there has to be.

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