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Recommend used cars. All right. Great new shout. Select blue Ray of it that looks like they shot it yesterday. Check it out picking up. Right. I'd like to see that movie. You never seen it. I've never seen it. And I feel like that's killer. That's what. Oh god. What was that movie? With Jeremy Piven that sucked the goods, I feel like that's what the goods was supposed to be a nod to that kind of it was, you know. And I thought the goods had a couple of laughs for sim laps. Putty. Neal Brennan directed it. So I was happy for him. But I think overall the movie was not good. Yeah. Well, it kind of it kind of fell into the mix of all those that was went all the every movie had those goofy titles like the right goods the legend of Ricky jer vacc-. Yeah. Or whatever said Ricky's your vase, we'll speak in a regular investment, hop in and do one more. I watched the first season of Ricky debases afterlife. I had of course, deeply loved the office. And I deeply loved extras. And then as they went on I kind of started losing interest. They were terrible. But they just weren't amazing. Then I really dropped out. I didn't even watch Derek. I thought this seems borderline offensive. I don't want any part of this. It wasn't a -fensive. It was just too. Schmaltzy schmaltzy. Yeah. It was just like really desperately trying to tug at your heartstrings. But then it would be really funny at times right to be honest. I try to not let myself get sucked away, and how annoying wreckage obeys is in person and online I still like him as a performer when he's not trying so hard to be cheeky, whatever I love the David Brent movie. I thought it was hilarious. It was very funny and afterlife is a show about a guy who's just basically an asshole after wife dies and just a huge Astle and keep seeing visions of her drinks too much. He does drugs tries to forget his wife is asshole everybody. And then basically, you're watching does he or does he not change his ways? And it's a very very simple story. Very simply told it takes three hours of your time to watch the entire season. I don't feel it was time wasted. I don't feel. It was any sort of classic. But it's entertaining. It's funny. It's your face it his most likeable in quite some time. Although there are about eight. Eight thousand too many jokes about Twitter trolls, and you're like Ricky not everybody in the world has Twitter. Trolls step away from Twitter. I I have no interest in saying, I'm Ricky Jurvetson fan for the most part you did Derek. But you're not gonna do afterlife. I did some Derek didn't do all of it. Because look, I think the first really good thing. He made it was with Stephen merchant. And it was life's too short with Warwick Davis. I like left sushi. But I felt that I felt that you know, look, it's the it's the sum is greater than is greater than the parts. And I really enjoyed. Hey, ladies, but it was missing a really like Tele ladies allow alleged excuse me. But it was missing to me the bite of Ricky Jay vase, and I liked Derek. But it was missing to me the bounce that Stephen merchant brings into it. But so, you know, them without one another, and it's the same thing. I enjoyed the the David Brent movie as I said, I was very funny. But it it becomes so schmaltzy. Yeah. You know? And there's it's he he wants to be Robin Williams. He makes these things now where they're funny, and then there's a scene where you're supposed to cry. Right. And I felt that this new movie was very clear shade like or this new TV show looked like at least an I might be wrong. And I'll watch it if you know, I'll give it a shot. Well, I can't because deflects but what I saw on. These trailers was looked to me like a sort of a Malcolm of of Ricky Gervais, cliches, like I'm gonna play the guy that has the shark thing to say about humanity and kind of hates everybody from the outside a darker..

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