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Mythology of king arthur has all the ingredients for a hit blockbuster movie magic romance shortlist guys with muscle swinging swords guy ritchie newest take on the story is king arthur legend of the sword and it's not good that's one of the kinder ways of putting it that's why may end up losing money at the box office and peers andrew limbaugh explains in king arthur legend of the sword charlie hunt plays arthur with a touch of bad boycotting is a suicide you trying to get me to do something russell does with a sword but it wasn't quite enough charisma to save the movie variety called it loud and obnoxious vulture headline their review with the words formulaic and dumb news they said it was an unsuccessful mix of saucy wit and portends sorcery now movies can get bad reviews and still do well in thicket sales but this one didn't get the big bomb there've been bigger but it could be gone that anthony della sancho he covers the box office for deadline short essay could anywhere from a hundred fifty two over two hundred million dollars were talking according to the site box office mojo king arthur made fourteen point seven million dollars this weekend domestically just a fraction of its big studio budget that put it in the same company as other recent flaps like the lone ranger or forty seven roman and then the young harder mars we want more money at three hundred million king arthur doesn't have a history of killing it at the box office account you to find another figure from literature that is as well known as popular throughout crime and around the world as arthur that's dorsey armstrong professor of medieval literature at purdue university and editor in chief of the academic journal arthurian ah dorsey says the inherent bigness of the arthur cannon is what makes it so difficult to put into film there are so many different arthur's that i don't think it ever possible please everybody think of these superstar in clive own interpretation from two thousand four children who would be good for you to mop my first serves for the next time you're soon it will be the last thing you see on this earth more sean connery is more regal take on author of camelot from around your now all the shortly says there was one movie that really nailed it though i move aw no man so.

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