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To the French Open is four time Grand Slam winner and I almost took a falls and straight sets to American Amanda and you see mova Also got CP bothered by her left Achilles which he had taped up Meanwhile last year's winner in both singles and doubles two seated barber crusher tova loses in three sets of Diane Perry Gradua did not play the three months leading into the opening due to an injured right elbow Also in the women's draw another upset at 5th seat on that cultivate is knocked down tree sets while topsy digestion has no trouble advancing to the second round Looking at the men's truck topsy Novak Djokovic advances in trade sets as does fixed seat rapping Adele Killing in BAPE speaking at a press conference for the first time since shocking the soccer world by snubbing Real Madrid and signing a new contract to remain with PSG for the next three years says his decision was based on the direction of the club and not financially motivated Reports say Madrid felt they had in Baba's word that he would be Paris at the end of this contract on June 30th to join the La Liga winners In the NBA the Boston Celtics hosting Miami Heat down two games to one in the Eastern Conference Finals Miami though battling injuries as Tyler hero is not in the line of pseudo groin injury while Jimmy Butler is playing despite a knee injury New York Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson has been suspended one game by Major League Baseball for making comments Steve's inappropriate toward Chicago White Sox shortstop Anderson during Saturday's game Balancing you also is fine disappearing the suspension I'm Dan Schwartzman that your Bloomberg world sports op aim Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day At Bloomberg dot com the Bloomberg business app and that Bloomberg quick tape This is a Bloomberg business flash Hi everybody China is likely to use more fiscal tools including special sovereign bond issuance to shore up the economy This is according to the China securities journal in a front page report citing analysts China has been front loading its stimulus this year fiscal stimulus As reflected by an acceleration in special bond issuance by local governments and tax rebates And stocks rose after President Biden said that he'd reconsider China tariffs imposed by the Trump administration And also after JPMorgan's CEO Jamie Dimon talked about the storm clouds over the U.S. economy that may dissipate And we had big banks rally then snap soured the mood after hours it warned it would miss second quarter profit and revenue forecasts It promptly fell 30% in late trading Facebook parent meta platforms down more than 7% and NASDAQ 100 futures were dragged lower And we also see S&P E minis down about two thirds of them percent NASDAQ 100 futures are down more than 1% Briefly in the bond market the yield on the ten year Now up to 2.85% those yields rose during the U.S. session the two year up to 2.62% We had a little steepening in the yield curve there to now 23 basis points WTI crude trading down about three quarters of 1% at a $109 and 50 cents I mentioned earlier Hanks index futures up China futures up DK futures 27,050 and that's about 50 odd points above the latest cash close And that is your look at markets Headline news with Ed Baxter in San Francisco Ed RBC a U.S. Defense Department says Taiwan strategy has not changed This is a Biden administration tries to clean up the Biden comments in Japan China calls Biden comments dangerous Beijing.

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