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A motorcyclist has died following a high speed crash in colonia the medical examiner says twenty four year old Corey Jackson died yesterday a day after his bike slammed into a van on Kunio road investigators say Jackson was speeding and overtaking several vehicles moments before the crash a woman who is writing on the bike with him remains hospitalized in extremely critical condition the holy firefighter is recovering after being injured in yesterday's massive house firing look Kiki he reportedly suffered a knee injury and was taken to a hospital in serious condition the fire broke out around four PM at a home near king novel and Victoria street it took crews nearly two hours to bring the fire under control city records show the home has been vacant for at least sixteen years and has been repeatedly cited for trash an overgrown brush. a three year old Molly girl is in the hospital after she was struck by a car driven by her eleven year old brother it happened last week in Hana. see their father asked the boy to move the car but he mistook the gas pedal for the break the girl was made it back to the hospital in critical condition but is expected to survive Molly police are investigating former deputy prosecutor Megan Connor was running from police top prosecuting job he made the announcement yesterday five months before the candidate filing period starts Karl worked as a deputy prosecutor from two thousand six to two thousand ten current prosecutor Keith Connie here remains unpaid leave well under investigation by the FBI from the news radio eight thirty cage speaks Musa there I'm Julie Norton Dennis. find more training local stories at KGH radio dot com Hey what's up Israeli from.

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