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Buzzfeed's description of specific statements to the special counsel's office and characterization of documents and testimony obtained by this office regarding Michael Collins, congressional testimony are not accurate. Buzzfeed says it stands by the story. It's five twelve let's turn out to WBZ's Charlie Sherman with a look at sports Charlie countdown is on tomorrow's AFC title game between the pats and the chiefs it promises to be very noisy at Arrowhead stadium. The home team remains a three point favorite, despite the fact that the pats beat the chiefs and by three points in their early meeting this season a win by the patriots, of course, would send them to their ninth Super Bowl and a chance to win their record sixth Lombardi trophy kickoff. Tomorrow six forty the NFC game between the Rams and the saints inside the dome in New Orleans where the kickoff at three oh five pair of college football all star games this afternoon the east west shrine. Game is underway in Tampa the west stars leading twenty one to nothing in the third quarter. The NFL PA collegiate bowl the Rose Bowl at six o'clock. Celtics look to make it three straight tonight. They take on the Atlanta Hawks top twenty five college basketball. Couple of big upsets, Wisconsin shocking number two, Michigan sixty four fifty four number thirteen North Carolina over Miami, eighty five seventy six number eighteen old miss beat Arkansas. Eighty four sixty seven number three Tennessee holds off Alabama seventy one sixty eight. It was West Virginia. Edging number seven Kansas sixty five sixty four and number seventeen North Carolina State holds onto defeat Notre Dame seventy seven to seventy three and boxing fans, yet one more time, Manny pack, yo wants to do what he's forty years old tonight in Las Vegas. He will fight in the MGM grand against Adrian Bronner. I'm Charlie Sherman WBZ Boston's NewsRadio..

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