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Um so let me is a so the entertainment world writ large but acting profession given the mi2 moment hottie where do you how does is traverse you think and what role does an actor or actress have in kind of having the right kind of politics inside whether it's a theater a tv series or baking of of real and howdy where do you think this linda how do you think this plays out and what do you think will lose it this is a whole nother aspect of my my life which is mind vollmann with um an organization called the rape from ocean so i'm on the board of directors less fifteen years and i've been an advocate of child and adult victim of sexual assault um for the last twenty years so a year ago um a friend of mine came to me um who she had she had written and directed some short films in israel about sexual harassment and she said oh what is think of these do want to help me make them in the states and i watched them and it was a no brainer this was last january so we work together and in seven weeks we produce these six short films about sexual harassment one of which i i appear an and we release them in april and the really strong i got a lot of fantastic talent from the tv and film industry akita marches when she came to me last january and then we release them in april so the weinsteins about a year yeah the man were yet but because of what was happening in january of last year if i could remind everyone listening this was right after the election and of me electing someone who was boasting of committing sexual assault was incomprehensible and uh indefensible when i'm thinking i'm now a father of a.

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