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Instagram at Mark Arum. This is the Mark Arum show. Karim's evening drive, Mark that we all have seen him on TV. And when he gets JIMBO over his show, you can kind of become kind of the real Mark air, Mark Arum is WSB Atlanta. This guy, really not too bad. And a cabin north of the brake lights. Do grab you. Duggar passed earlier trouble at Jimmy Carter boulevard. The traffic alerts delays to your cool reveal highway or south out there just below eighty maybe. Mckay. Gourmet traffic center. Four hundred northbound I still see the jam as you leave Lennox road easing just a Ted. But when she hit that north springs Marta station you're off to the races. Very tight squeeze those through the construction zone north and southbound the evening in sandy springs easing up only slightly though between Alfred and coming still a tough go of leading windward Parkway on four hundred north out to Peachtree Parkway, northwest, Mike. You'll slow ride on I semi five getting out of midtown two to five to two earlier this afternoon, the waves of getting up to highway ninety two in vice any five northbound hit the brake lights bells for your road high school. Graduation going on in Cherokee county has highway ninety two east and westbound delayed up around TriCalm road. Eight on the WSB. Jayme Cam crash clearing out of the right lane, east west connector westbound at Hicks road. This report is brought by whole foods market, prime members save on Driscoll's organic blueberries and whole foods market this week to seven dollars for two one pint packages saved through June fourth while supplies last and find more prime member pills than ever on the whole foods market app. Triple team traffic WSB. Why don't we call we call. Ask me triple team traffic because the air up above. With cameras everywhere. I'm seeing it on the WSB jam Cam only the far-right late is opening and on the roads mantles that crash on seventy five northbound blocks triple team traffic. Drives on news ninety five five AM seven fifty W SP. Depend on it. It's time to play in the dirt with bike near threes all the sunshine and.

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