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For people with medical debt. I'm Brendan Hazleton. It's 9 18. And it's back over to Jack and the traffic center. I got a couple three things going on in Virginia running on 66 headed in the westbound direction. We'll start. You should leave the beltway. We've got to work zone out near one 23 beyond nutley taking the right lane then. You will slow. There is a crash out in your 50 fairfax blocking the better part of the left side of the roadway. Beyond that, you'll find work 66 west, out near the Prince William Parkway, and that's taking away a single right lane. East 66 is fine, no delay Gainesville east all the way toward roslyn. Bellway's in good shape between Alexandria and McLean, left lane is closed, long-term work, inner loop from north of the toll road up to the GW Parkway, part of the four 95 next project that left auxiliary lane remains a red X till that project is completed. 95 is fine, northbound. If you move from dumfries to woodbridge into Springfield, heavier though south 95 crossing the aka kwon, no delay on three 95 north or south between the beltway and the 14th. There was a wreck in Bethesda on the beltway outer loop before river road, south of the two 70s per. I think that got still moved over onto the shoulder right with your travel lanes open that delays easing back. It sounds like we may have only one lane getting by north on the bottom or Washington Parkway, the work sounds after one 98 toward route 32. It's the sinkhole in Gaithersburg that opened up last week, causing the slowdown south on two 70 as you leave Montgomery village avenue to a point before three 70, three lanes to the left, get by the ongoing repair. Belt weighs fine through prince George's county, no slowing. College park all the way down toward the Wilson bridge. Good trip downtown so far, we're good on the freeway, third street tunnel, New York avenue, D.C. two 95, I two 95. Everything's moving pretty well. Jack Taylor, WTO P traffic, chuck bell looks like we have another gem of a day here. We most certainly do point temperatures, the dew points how we really measure moisture in the atmosphere, humidity is in fact relative to the

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