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Mm-hmm. This is intercepted. Jeremy Scahill coming to you from the offices of the intercept in New York City. And this is a special bonus episode of intercepted. We are going to be back next week. With a regular episode of intercepted. But over this long holiday weekend wanted to share with you a recent conversation that we had here in the studio. The Chicago based hip hop artist. Vic Mensa has emerged as one of the most uncompromising political voices of our time. The twenty five year old artists not only raps about Chicago police killings of black and Brown people about apartheid in Palestine the poisoning of the water in Flint Michigan. He actually goes to where the silence is and speaks out in the aftermath of the police shooting of Liqun McDonald in Chicago Vic Mensa was there in the streets. And also giving voice to the movement that led to the conviction of Chicago police officer for the quantum McDonalds murder Vic Mensa has traveled throughout Palestine with the poet Shemona, and he's also gone to Flint Michigan to help amplify the voices of a community. That was poisoned and continues to suffer from the.

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