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Oh everybody and welcome back to anything but idle. I'm ray sidney. Smith and i'm joined with gustav out for the second half of our show and so gusto. Let's kick into our productivity articles. Headlines what is what are the headlines that we have a suppose article. That's basically from two thousand seventeen but it was just recently came across my radar and it's harvard business review so i thought this is really good for us to actually bring back to the show. I think i think it was fantastic. You will to to bring abuser the here. You are the more knee of quiet time. I need came Particularly in a good time has been joking joking and joking that during before the pandemic or during the pandemic. I start collecting tokens and then decide. All these token starts informing to work to get done. So i've been getting busier and busier. And i love this. I love you know they. They interview the article and even examples of the people who is looking and wired this Deep silenced in we tend to think on music would then to think one of things that got mad tension was they ate. There is such work from medical school that talks about that even the two minutes. After used at relic stationed music tend to be more powerful than the written and the music percent. Those really interesting for me on have the chance to destin before before this into play more into that internet silence for for the last couple of days. It's been really interesting to play into the finance. i'm all about it. Gives four different suggestions. An essence Putting some time between meetings finding some quiet time finding silent time in nature the talks about taking two to three hour jaunt in nature. You don't need to take that amount of time just getting away and seeing greenery is actually very positive and helpful and of course nature sounds with the fourth bathing is a is a japanese cultural practice and Force bathing is very very powerful and useful for being able to do this kind of quiet or you know rejuvenate of activity They also talk about going on media fast. Not so sure You know. I could do a day. But i could probably do several hours easily on a media vast and and then Taking the plunge doing a meditation retreat. And i highly recommend meditation retreats They can be very useful for being able to learn a mindfulness practices meditation techniques and really being able to do some of this silent work. That is really necessary when we're when we're quiet. In that sense our brains are highly active. And that's what allows us to be able to come up with innovative ideas and really do this kind of of other thinking that we don't really think of as thinking so next up ten signs of a toxic workplace good article in.

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