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You a non yankee question to start conversant with philly for a long time you had chase utley announced his retirement at the end of this season hall of famer what do you think it's a good question i mean he's part of the debate and i think that's always the best thing you can say about player is that you have to you have to look his candidacy i remember asking somebody when when don mattingly retired i remember asking of writers than that had votes and plus keep in mind i do not have all the things i remember asking them if they thought man was famer and one of the answers i got was was a really good one it's they said i don't know that's why they give you a five year waiting period now let the career a little bit a little little historical perspective i think he's got a lot of positives on the side and i and i watched firsthand watching the five months against the yankees two thousand nine world series he won a world series ring the year before that so he came to point in big spots for sure he is definitely part of the conversation and i think when you look at second basin earlier this week people are talking about you out of your candidacy you're looking at a couple of underrepresented positions and maybe the standards might have to just be looked at if you wanna you wanna make sure those guys are getting in yeah had a caller before comparing his numbers to joe morgan's and they were very favorable so the sabermetrics you never know how that's going to shake out but that's a discussion for another time just thought i'd throw that out at you i said earlier and i was very impressed by aaron boone mentioning that he second guessed himself on the decision to send judge for the stolen base in the eighth inning and to me that shows a lot of confidence as a manager to be able to say that as opposed to come up with some convoluted reason why would work i mean he did explain it but he did say hey you know maybe maybe it was wrong call what do you think well a lot of those times you're you know you are putting the the outcome of chance it's really all you're doing you're trying to go to the best of making you can give you the reasoning behind it about you know seeing that if balls in zone aaron hicks cut could put his dad on the ball and it was a close enough planet had to go to replay so it wasn't wasn't far fetched to think that the judge could beat the play you know turned out it was obviously it was a risky move it turned out to not pay off i don't know that we can draw the straight line with stanton heavy on different pitcher the next down so.

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