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Break point podcast. No one and no small town is beyond redemption, or as John and Ashley Marsh like to put it redemptive. Occasion today, we present Warren Cole Smith's interview with the marshes about their miraculous journey from the edge of drug addiction divorce, and even suicide to servants of God who have revitalised their hometown of opalines, an Alabama one restored building and one restored life at a time era Warren Cole Smith, and John Ashley Marsh, a Jon Marsh, welcome to the program. We're here in your offices and Opal like Alabama, which is where all the magic has happened. And actually I'll start with you. You're from Opal. Like, can you give us a sense of what Opal like Alabama was like when you were growing up here? It was a nasal thing. I grew up in Pepperell village, which is a mill village I like actually had two different meals here. And my entire family were workers in the mill. So it was really nostalgic berry welcoming inviting people took care of each other. Loved each other. And downtown Opelicka was the New York for me. I think I've said that one time before, but it really was it was bigger than what I'd ever thought. I'd ever get to see West Point Georgia, which is right over the chattahoochee river from where we are. And Opal ICA were huge mill towns. I mean, you you mentioned Pepperell mills West Point Pepperell was I guess the largest Powell manufacturer in the world at one time, at least that's what I read is that true towels and sheets. You're right. And so this was a big bustling town in yet, you went away to college, and you came back and not so much, right? I never went to college. I actually was ready to go to college went and looked at some different areas. And then met this wonderful man sitting next to me and fell head over hills and the towel in on all of it stayed here we him so you'll never actually left OPEL like Alabama, y'all stay here, the whole time, John here, we stayed here. The whole time I'm not from Opelicka. I'm. From Albany, Georgia which is about two hours south of here. But ended up here and mad ash. I was here at nineteen years old or so and and just fell in love with this whole area. It's it's just an incredible place. You know, having Auburn university very close in that huge school, and then opalines because really people who build and make things and this textile and creation, you're the first magnetic tapes in the country Ampex was here and diversified products. At may DP, the workout equipment a lot of things started in Opal like, and it was an industrial town that build and make things. But about the time y'all got married it was it had seen better times though. Right. I mean that the mill town the mills had mostly shutdown, and when y'all came here, you weren't in the business then of restoring old buildings and restoring the town, I understand you got your start in the car business is that right actually in the high end car audio businesses what brought me here and through a series of things just following my gifting and I never had. A real job to speak of I was always making things. And so that's actually how I met ash. So I'm working behind the stereo shot. My friend owns a stereo shop and kind of mentor me, and then I had a little shot behind it. And this girl comes up in a car to see if she could get her speakers fix and wearing a tennis, skirt and really cute pony tail and all this and hop side there and says I need to see if you can get my speakers working when I looked inside there. I was like, well, you don't have any speakers. And so that was my first time getting see this lady. So you all we'll will kind of fast forward through a lot of stuff, but you yoga, married and byu. As having this entrepreneur, you'll bent in this this this ability and giftedness towards making things and fixing things. You started digging in here and Opal Leica. And yet at some point understand, both your marriage and your business were not doing all that great..

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