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I'm Jordan Heath Rawlings and this is the big story sorry Sheldon McLeod today longtime journalist and radio host he is currently host of the Sheldon McLeod show on news ninety five seven in Halifax. I shelf could teach you Jordan. Were you on the air when Dorian Heff. I was called in to do a special broadcast on Saturday afternoon. we were going live live from one until we planned about six o'clock so that ended up becoming a an eleven hour broadcast. How was it long long but it was very rewarding in many ways. we had an opportunity to obviously give give play-by-play. That's how I described it to a meteorologist that I had join us. which was the idea that you had time to prepare didn't exist anymore? We were at the point where the system was moving in and it went from. Here's what you need to do to get ready to. What are you seeing. What are you experiencing. I took the opportunity to to reach out to the number people. I've met over the years we had the mayor of a small town in southwestern Nova Scotia garment join US spoke with the mayors from from Shelbourne to to Bridgewater Lunenburg Homema- all the way up towards Cape Breton in order trite and see where the system wasn't how it was affecting community and as the winds intensified hence applied as the rain continued here in Halifax. I it really wasn't opportunity that I wasn't entirely sure it would be a good radio radio but people were very interested in sharing with us what they were seeing what they were experiencing so tell me how quickly it came on because one of the reasons we're calling you is i. I don't think in the lead up to the weekend many of us in Canada. We're expecting dory in to to hit these coast. Let alone as badly as it did. So so how. How quickly did it come? compared to what was expected will the storm itself. Dorian had been obviously churning through the Bahamas in had caused devastation the station and destruction and had stalled earlier in the week meteorologist then said you know best as we know the best gas is that this track of this system will bring it ashore somewhere in Nova Scotia at some point on on Saturday exactly was it wasn't exactly a an easy thing to predict as they sat until it got to about two hours or so away from us. They wouldn't know the exact path so. We knew something was coming. We knew something was going to happen. In fact on on Friday night I had reached out to meteorologist Richardson Hausky who actually happens to be a counselor city councillor in Halifax and I said is there a possibility that this will arrive at category two strength which is exactly the same strength as the hurricane one that we experienced back in two thousand three he said once we get him within the two hour window will know a better. We'll have a better idea of win. It'll be aware opie making landfall and it was headed headed directly towards Halifax it was expected to move from Halifax inland and through towards Prince Edward Island so at one o'clock when I started broadcasting. The rain was obviously falling quite heavily. The winded started to intensified not necessarily at hurricane strength but throughout two o'clock ah three o'clock in the four o'clock it was well quite a quite a scene outside of our studio windows and we could see trees bending in the wind we could obviously sheets of rain that were coming through and oddly enough strangely enough people still out on the streets driving their cars. which is Kinda hard hard to believe? Will Yeah where people told to evacuate. Did they evacuate. How did people prepare the voluntary. Evacuation order went out by the Halifax Regional Municipality on Friday afternoon and several of the coastal communities they had given a warning through environment candidate through the hurricane center that waves could in fact hit peaks of fifteen meters close to fifty foot waves on top of a storm surge timing this happened not during high but we had hi tide during the event and there was some considerable concern that people in their homes along the shorelines might in fact become stranded rice later or worse from all accounts when the Red Cross emergency centers were set up people org. I told by municipal officials. They had people visiting their homes calling them up saying you might want.

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