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You know, sort of other pots of money that are available in all these agencies. And then what about the investigative powers? The Democrats will start asking a lot of questions about cabinet members in about the deregulatory agenda. How much can they do without pissing voters off? You know, there's a really fine line that they have to walk where they can start to ask real questions both of the president for the Russia conduct. And you know, the way the aid agencies are being run. So how much can they do without completely alienating a large swath of the voter base? Part of this for me, though is to differentiate between the impeachment, you know, Russia. Trump personal finances stuff, which is really an investigation and just the general oversight function, which this congress has not done for two years. Right. I mean when secretary of energy or EPA or interior does something. In a congress person is interested in why they did it. They have every right to bring them in front of a committee and ask them to explain themselves. Right. I mean, and that is something that they've done for, you know, decades for, you know, for years, and so I just think going back to actually just having basic oversight functions would be useful. Yeah. Totally agree. And I also think there are a couple of other places where they can have impact in both chambers. One is on trade issues because of all this tariffs. And I think that really does impact districts in not just one you're not from one political party. But anybody is district could be impacted by trade and also regulation so -regulation that impacts people's air and water can really have serious local implications. And I think that's where you can have a winning winning narrative and winning Vic. Sorry, I think that's where you can really see some good narrative that gets. Two local issues and also provide some checks and balances, well, let's wrap up with a look at some of the local races. Normally we end the show with the free electron, but we're doing it a bit differently. This week. We are going to take a look at specific consequential races. We were following so Catherine who caught your eye this time around. Yeah. I think I've mentioned her before cherise David's from Kansas third district. She was a White House fellow and a fan of the pod when she reached out to me and said, you know, I'm just filling finishing up my fellowship and trying to figure out what to do. I didn't know much about her at all except that. She was super smart, she'd gone to Cornell smile mater, she went to the law school there. She's a serial entrepreneur. And so we had a great conversation. I said, well, you know, keep me posted on what you're doing next thing. I know she wins the primary in Kansas third. And now, she's one of the first two native American women who is going to head into congress January, and I was just stunned. She's a mixed martial arts professional light, which I did not. Know when I met with her she's part of the LGBTQ community. She's just amazing and she's going to join another native American woman from New Mexico to the first Muslim women in congress. The youngest woman in congress who's twenty nine Alexandria, Cossio Cortez and a whole host of other women more women than ever have been represented in congress, and I'm super excited about that over a hundred. Yes, over one hundred and women not get into Syria types, but women do govern differently. And you know, I was talking with a friend about this about how girls play in much more kind of a flat hierarchy and in very cooperative ways. Whereas boys are usually a little more competitive in the way, they play. And this may be, you know, going by stereotype, but women work really well in a flat hierarchy, and congress is that it is very flat. Your boss is your. Constituent base you have leadership. Just so that structurally things will work, but they're not your bosses, your boss is who elected you. And and studies show that women bring back nine percent more federal spending to their constituents that they sponsored more bills than men that they're much more likely to work across the aisle. So I think this will just infuse really much more bipartisanship and more productivity in congress and cherise David's she routed her Republican opponent. She is a practitioner of mixed martial arts..

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