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I don't we'll know. What about Thursday at a restaurant that you go to that you say you get a Stegosaurus bone. Oh, so, you know Texas is big and barbecue right? I know y'all are just going to gas money. So we pay $45 for a rib. I know that sounds insane, right but the rib is huge two meals between my husband and I like the email that we have when we're there and then the meal that it's called Louis Mueller's it's huge. It's huge. Like it's it just falls off the bone and melts in your mouth. It's outside of Austin looks very familiar with Texas. His wife is from Texas. Oh, we're yeah, she's from her family's all over but she's from Fort Worth. Just south of four year old girl. Listen, but we got family in Austin and Taylor and Denton all over the trailer. Taylor's We're the Millers is is it like a like the walls were covered in Smoke is like the displaced? Yeah, we've been yeah now they have so you can eat your barbecue and then you can walk to the end of the street and now there's a brewery their faith. So Taylor's kind of becoming that suburb of Austin. It's really like it's the place to go. So that's so cool. Yeah, so I'm familiar. I'm familiar with what did you say? It was called Louis Miller's that Louis Mueller's Louis Mueller's. Yeah. Well who would like to press in? I'm trying to be on my best behavior since this snipers. I mean officially is I would just appreciate you not to be on your best behavior. What is this is not your first time you are never going to be on your best behavior. If you are I'm hanging up. Hey, do we have a question favorite flavor of ice cream? Well, we just tell them look utterly mujhe chocolate. Ooh, that's a cheese company, isn't it? Well, let me tell you whatever they did with their cheese. They took that same quality and heart and they took that heart and took it in the ice cream and I'm taking notes. The product is over the top of it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. What what which chocolate is it? Now? This is utterly chocolate. So this song chocolate with the the the accessories in this ice cream are also chocolate. So well, yeah, nobody wanted to press and I'll pray a synagogue. Lord help us Lord. Help me Lord. Just be here with us today stir here, please but make it you and we love you. We are so grateful to be here. So grateful any time just to bounce your word around and so glad that Jim is feeling better. And we love you. We love you. We want to honor you here and it is in your son's name. We pray amen month and it is my pleasure this week to introduce. Our very special guest. He is our first gentleman caller is what I'm going to say cuz you're calling in on the take of your map podcast. And the name is Luke Crowley. He is one of the pastors at Hillsong La where I go to church and he has become a dear friend and he just blows my socks off. So Luke, would you please introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about who we are what to do all the things. Sure. Sure. Thanks for thanks for having me. It's it's excited to be here..

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