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From Henry and fort Gratiot Michigan and re hello there good morning I'd like Mr Brody's help in trying to resolve an inner conflict as a liberal Mister Brody will instructed in the Bible and in religious beliefs and in my upbringing I've always been taught that god will not be mocked and I believe that America has elected Satan Satan is in the White House you interviewed one of his demons yesterday and I believe that if I am to be reunited with my country my country has to be reunited reunited and instructed by the good will of Jesus Christ and his social ministry and I don't believe we're following that now I think that this president has market got and that is why we are where we are today and I have no hope of being reunited with my country and what my fellow countrymen if they continue to follow city so how am I supposed to resolve that conflict with them myself when I've been raised to hate evil and to hate the people who love evil and I believe right now there are too many Americans in love with evil Sir Henry will get a response and David Brody Henry it's a great question I don't even know where to begin their social impact there I'll say this you have one view of it and there are a lot of other folks that have a much different you won't believe that Donald Trump is in office for such a time as this from a biblical perspective so I guess we'll leave that debate for another day I would just say Henry what you need to do all his works from the actions and and you'll say you'll you'll laugh at that point a lot of liberals will but the truth of the matter is if you come out from a conservative evangelical biblical perspective of this president is being for example the most pro life president his struggle down the list as it relates to many things that he has drawn up from a conservative biblical perspective I never would've got respect that have been very very positive now you'll you'll of course counter with the fact that well what about the social justice aspect of all of this but look I mean there's a lot of things he's done in that area to remember a lot of times and I think both sides are guilty of this you know you have the conservative evangelicals on one hand talking about maybe us concentrate on certain issues within a biblical context may you have the liberals on the other hand talking about social justice aspects of certain things but you know remember the last time I checked out Jesus wasn't all about social justice necessarily he was about coming to this are dying for our sins and give everybody a chance to be with him for eternity that's what the common bond really should be on both sides our guest is David Brody chief political analyst with CV and we go to broken bow Oklahoma next broken bow Oklahoma should be on there Jerry go ahead sorry guys their city okay go ahead you're on the air the idea of yeah I would go bang die all right well it's about the church should be allowed to W. to church congregate well done do you have your that that would that would put our station here and there so you know J. mediation here you go to Beijing cry so why why would they not so letting people feel their plight yeah they are the last we kind of talk is not we kind of touched on that a little earlier will go to broken bow arc Oklahoma we go Jerry you're on the line go ahead good morning morning Easter children thank you I thank the distinction gates to be may twenty pastors who are shepherds both walked in religion because presently are hearing a lot of talking here it's between Marianne Williamson at Lucerne that several representing religion but Christianity and I am a Christian I believe we should terminate culprit cheers another the pastors yeah this far is meeting together casters can pastors correct your size of your service following the outside of the building and I think the church of Smyrna in revolution was a perfect example thank you for your time to look okay Jerry David Brody well a couple things first of all I I think it's interesting we have to remember once again back to the disclaimer at the beginning of most churches are following these guidelines so it really is an issue but for the most part it really has not been an issue well there are like we say we know in places like Tampa Florida a pastor their hands on it basically gone against authority she's now gone online actually but in places like Ohio and down in Louisiana especially young twenties fell down there at least half an apple will hold Easter Sunday service today about two thousand people attending so look I mean it's happening but it's in pockets and I think that's important going out also I would just say that the ones that are having church and once again I'm not defending people you know holding the services I'm just saying I'm explain to you from a fractional standpoint what they're doing they still are doing social distancing guidelines for example some churches actually remove some of that kind of nature here's a kind of moved into the starting xi family sixteen apart I'm not necessarily saying that's the way to go what I am saying is there are certain cautions that they're taking and that's their that's their part of their contracts with David vernier interview with the the vice president down on Thursday you tweeted some photos about that I want to share one of those you you say in this tweet I was tested today for covert nineteen because I was doing one on one interview with the vice president the test was negative F. Y. I. hits the elbow bombs so we did you have to to take that test in order to get the interview that was mandated by the White House right so I'm glad you brought that up because I do want to I do want to bring it up thanks for doing that yeah I was tested was negative so here's what happened we we thought we were all just gonna get temperature tracks going into the White House we did and they were in the room just replacing the EEO be the old executive office building right Argus Armani office and we were waiting in the interview was gonna start a late morning in about an hour before that I was told very nicely Hey by the way we're gonna need to give you one of those racket cove in nineteen tests on myself and and the one that was going to apply make up to the vice president so that's exactly what happened we both went down there but an hour before the interview talk about I don't know ten seconds I can tell you these rapid tester really nothing at all that's if I can just be a little graphic it's five seconds up one nostril five seconds of another and you're done and your little watery eyed afterwards and that's about it and now they said that they would only contact me if it came back positive and an hour later there was no nobody contacted me and vice president walked in the room I figured I'm were you in that hour were you a little bit on pins and needles well it's interesting I don't know if it's a needles but I was a little concerned as you know building journalism we always have a plan being quite frankly we have a plan C. as well and we were already in the plan B. territory with the producer that I was with Dana who is getting ready to ask those questions that I had ready for the vice president just in case all right here's a Lawrence good elk Grove village Illinois Lawrence go ahead yes good morning gentlemen good quick comment hopefully maybe solace to to our practice practicing Christians that are locked at home the most most Christians understand the significance of the resurrection but what what led up to it is also important Christ dying in his crucifixion and the reason he was crucified was because he came to earth and told the congregation the sacrificial lamb you don't need to go through that religious leaders because prior to Christ everybody had to go to their religious leaders to do the sacrifice for them Grice said no you can talk directly to god Suli ripped open the veil of the tabernacle that's what happened so people at home can administer to themselves you don't need to go to a pastor preached to tell their sins they can call directly to god through Christ they can receive the body of Christ at communion directly they can administer to themselves and and and we see that in our in Christ's name people forget that that was one of the reasons why Christ was crucified the religious many of the religious leaders were threatened they were losing control and power price did get all through his life that's why he took up with the people in the temple he was excited I wanted to political he was pointing out a lot of fake news of the day thank our lord to let you go David Brody any any thoughts on that well I got to turn it into a business or no I mean look he's absolutely right there's the sermon in the morning and and I think beyond that what's really important here is to understand that what he said is true which is that what we also said earlier which is you don't have to necessarily be in a church to worship god now is there a community aspect to it yes this church according of course and to be around a body of believers one hundred percent and I think that's a lot of what people are missing the community aspect to all of this but but his main point is correct L. and this is something that a lot of people don't quite yet which is you know Christianity is called a religion but a relationship with god is not a religion relation with Jesus is a personal relationship it's not a relationship with religion there's a difference between religion and church a personal relationship with Jesus a lot of people and kind of get hung up on the religion aspect of it that's not what this is about this is not a personal relationship with the god of the universe his comments also reminded me we need to get some politics into this conversation we read the story earlier about the Joe Biden Joe Biden no surprise winning the Alaska primary with some twenty thousand voters in that state so the lay of the land in terms of the presidential race David Brody the the convention already move for Democrats into August how do you see things and focusing particularly on the democratic side how do you think see things moving forward for the Democrats right well I think you'll find it's got a big challenge on on his hand and it's not necessarily hi it doesn't have anything to do with Donald Trump and has to do with democratic politics internally and that is this he's got to get the Bernie folks to the polls they've got to be energized we know bill and you know that it's all about energy all about well that energizing the base while the Democratic Party right now has to figure out what they got a lot of people angry trump but if you're angry at home he does that's one thing if you got to be angry get to the polls and so I'm very focused on millennials out there you know not too jazzed about so how do you gauge them and get them to the polls well the answer would be embraced some of what already has been talking about I moved to the west and here we go that's the problem you want to play in a general election you better go more towards the middle what is he going to do is he going to go last in Bracebridge people to get them out on the left energy perspective where does he go to the middle of a blue collar rust belt try to win those folks he spoke but if you're here and you don't know which way to go or you're trying to thread the needle that that's difficult and it would be pointed up on the trump campaign as we move up towards November version of this morning's Washington.

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