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Governor Greg, Abbott says he's sending an additional one thousand Texas national guard troops to the Mexican border. All of these actions are necessary because congress has failed to do this job. They car about a humanitarian crisis in about reforming an immigration system, all the while refusing to pass laws to fix the problem. Avid, said Friday that the additional guard members will assist at the tension facilities, and ports of entry Lieutenant governor, Dan. Patrick says the new deployment will bring the total number of guard members on the Texas border to more than two thousand avid said the federal government will pay for the additional guard deployment the director Missouri's health department says Planned Parenthood, correct? Just four out of thirty deficiencies cited at its abortion clinic and Saint Louis prompting the department's action to declined to renew its abortion, license. Dr Randall Williams says doctors involved in a couple of cases in question have refused to speak to regulators difficult job for regulators in fact unprecedent to investigate the quality of care if the people who took care of the patient won't talk to you, a judge's preliminary injunction, remains in place, meaning abortions can continue. Missouri's only abortion clinic, Saint Louis Circuit Judge Michael seltzer will issue a written order, outlining next steps, but it isn't clear when airlines rerouted flights Friday to avoid airspace, near the strait of four moves after Iran shot down a US military surveillance drone there. An American officials warn the commercial jetliners could be mistakenly attacked tensions between Tehran and Washington. The Federal Aviation Administration warned of a potential for miscalculation, or mis identification in the region on Wall Street that on by thirty four points..

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