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Of a prison administrator an escaped convict caught on J. Metzler fox news on the lam since Wednesday morning escapee Curtis ray Watson now in custody in Tennessee the forty four year old now accused in the strangulation death of sixty four year old Deborah Johnson in her home on the prison grounds a grandmother of seven the administrator of the western Tennessee correctional facility had been sexually assaulted Watson got away on a prison tractor which was found abandoned about two miles from that facility No tips until early this morning we have a home doorbell one a ring doorbell go off this morning about three thirty AM residence home here in training Tennessee and there was confirmed under watch and was at that residence appeared three of got into a refrigerator the back of the house took some items out Tennessee corrections commissioner Tony Parker Watson arrested back in twenty twelve after repeatedly raping his wife and beating her with a baseball bat he was seven years and with fifteen year sentence for aggravated kidnapping Deborah Johnson who started as a guard in the Tennessee corrections system nearly forty years ago was laid to rest on Friday more expressions of outrage after yesterday's apparent suicide of sex trafficking suspect Jeffrey apps dean he was in federal custody in New York abstain accused of sexually assaulting dozens of underage girls the F. B. I. now investigating Attorney General William Barr also asking the justice department's inspector general to investigate as well this is fox news.

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