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Amen to that. Let's continue with more calls at eight, five, five, two, four, two, seven, two, eight, five. Otherwise, the the, the Women's Club will be meeting Monday and they'll be, they'll be, they'll be having a, what do you call that when everyone brings their covered dish for. Let's. Talk to Charlie who is in Daytona Hello? Charlie, that's up all longtime caller. Great show, rather thank you. I been here and all this stuff about the, you know what style savings been saying. You know, he's been asked for how long two months now but longer longer than that really. Well, he just came off the field that's important game. He's interviewed by woman that's foot taller, MS little bit embarrassed. And you know what I mean? So I kinda new skin. So I think you broke the code there Charlie. But anyway, hey, listen, I have. I have been done a lot of shows with Maria it. It's intimidating. Yeah, it is intimidating. But anyway, let's just suspend him for three games. How's that? The movement a lot without pay without say, there you go. He can handle it in bars. You take care of them right show lane kiffin the interim coach. Good. Good idea. Jeff is in Chicago always good to have Jeff on. A Bill worry ill. You don't own me an apology about anything. And I think John did pick me Penn State to think he's, I think he's trying to go back on that. This weekend. John, probably, you know, John picked probably one thing here. Another thing on his own radio show. That's that's the smart way to do it. I know a bunch of different picks and all the podcasts to I hear you, but, hey, it's okay. Hey, I have to get into Michigan with you a little bit. And you know, I happen to watch the oldest game on Saturday, and I gotta say like, physically, you know, Tom who is so much more impressive than Patterson, just in a lot of respects or at least 'cause after mitt, I didn't watch ole miss play a whole lot last year. So I never really, you know, just what the trouble. I never really made time to watch one of their games and you know that granted now they have a lot of of great players around Tom who which Michigan does not have, but I don't know to be Patterson kind of really a. He just he didn't. I'm not saying look bad, but he didn't look that impressive. And I gotta say. To. I mean, I, it still continues to stone me that, you know, this is what's going on with Jim Harbaugh. I mean, he talks about nervous birds that he, he looks like a nervous bird during the game right now. I mean it. It's like forgot how to coach from Stanford and granted, the look, the pack tens and at the big penny east, and you know, maybe a saving grace for him this year or be that, you know, it looks like Michigan state Penn State, maybe even Ohio state's defense. The big ten east definitely doesn't look like it's as good as it has been the past two years, and I hate to go too much off just one week sample size. But I mean they they have a few easy games and then they, they'll probably be three and one, and then they're going on the road to play at northwestern, and I'm telling you it from the people..

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