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Real was alarmed process of stripping Carla Gray on. Like thank you. You do to your beautiful. You WanNa come back with me. And I'm like what we hang out. Coloring books also tend to switch here. Who could live or whatever that's all Violet Co. Probably you guys have a good time in Vegas from so long. I was supposed to go with my class in May. Obviously thanks corona do. That's the one thing I wanna do it once like holding over I would love to go to Vegas Vegas over. Let's all go guys hugging? We're supposed to have a boxing match over there like Youtube. I think there was a no we. There's a friend of mine that runs like marijuana festival out there and they're two bucks each other. No no no. We needed people the box like he was. We were trying to do this. Boxing thing who would sign up and so me and decided to sign up and then trained for two months and then go and do it. Wow SUCKED CORONA HAPPENING? So far with although okay. That's cool did you start doing the workouts or anything yet. Will we start appropriate? I started a little bit but right when we started like got cancelled. So you know yeah. I was excited. I was looking forward to it. I'm glad we didn't get the AIRBNB at though I wanted a book as soon to do a I would. Of course okay no me. I'm going too fast for you. Not been a lot of fights so I know I will be way more than you. How old are you had you last night last night? I duNNo. Maybe what was it over to goose? No Oh no no I did as one of my friend's house fought wasted that so yeah. I think this is my husband. We used to fight a week ago. No two years ago. Yeah I was so. I don't know if you remember like three years ago so I win Third Street. The comedy club was open after the comedy. Club a they would you know because they stopped doing comedy at ten o'clock at night so afterwards they would put a Dj on and then the people that were around old town to go will turn us some extra money. I would bounce you know at the club and so one night. There was a fight that broke out. And I was separating two of the guys and somebody came up and punched me from the side and then I turned around and then we scrapped for a little bit. And then you know we had to like. You're not fighting to win. You're fighting to like get them secured so that and then we secured them and then got them out. That's something I'm so happy. That are not a man. 'cause like hey that scares me traffic. Defend.

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