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Have the program this morning from a pier in the Gaylord region because Nine till noon today. We said Okay, let her brain from nine till noon. While we're on the air and then cleared out in the afternoon. I presume or go. It's part of the It's just part of the scenery here in Michigan, let's face it. Part of life here we adjust. We enjoy the four seasons in Michigan. And there's something thankful for in all of them, including all of our great resorts up north like loon, where we're where we spent the night last night after playing some golf yesterday and I'll introduce you now to the director of golf here at Loon Rob Schrader, who has joined us Good to see you, my friend. How are you? Good morning, Frank. Wonderful to be out there again. The loons in marvelous shape. It's one of the it's just one of those great golf courses. That is so pure Michigan. You know, you go between trees all the way around. You get enough water to keep your attention. It's a marvelous, marvelous track in great great shape, too. By the way, congrats on that. Yeah, we've had a great summer here. A balloon on the balloon golf course, especially More like a country club style golf course, more the rolling terrain of the downstate people can relate to that. Well, plus their pictures and Natalie Gall vis all over the place. That doesn't hurt. What? She was up here when you when you first did the reader the course right. She was her and Butch Harmon actually joined us back in 2009. I remember 10 when we first opened up our accommodation, right? And they were wonderful. They did out of weekend outing and after the weekend, you actually felt like you knew Natalie. Go bus, You know, I mean, she ate dinner with you should play golf with you. But charmers out in the tea given lessons. It was a wonderful time falling to a don't dare tell Rob that I felt like I've known Natalie got us a long, long time. She did say Hi. Yeah, She's one of the wonderful women out on tour and you know, a great player and a wonderful person, too. I have better and she's She's marvelous and Butch Harmon You talk about a man who dedicated himself to this game. You know, there's so many just like you. You love the game. You wanted to be a part of your life. And you want to be a part of its life for a long, long time, and I'm just so happy that Michigan has made it so important. Yeah, it was nice to have a butch Harmon and analogue opens up to Northern Michigan. Kind of put us on the map a little bit with some recognition with the top instructor. Hey, started his golf academy here just to test the waters. So he was here for a few years, doing that with his instructors from Vegas area. It really helped. You know, along with a great golf we have up here. You know, with the big names we've had to this area, you know, with Rick Smith and put apartment and just Natalie go by so A wonderful area and they loved it when they were here. Well,.

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