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Six we pride ourselves on offering a great many services. So we're going to help you plan. Your next vacation at the twenty third annual Morris Murdock travel show happening January twenty fifth and twenty sixth at the mountain America expo center had x ninety six dot com. Enter for your chance to win a Caribbean. Cruise for two or is it Caribbean? Cruise discount coupons for the travel show are available at Morris. Murdoch dot com. Started defied the excitement it's the Utah. International auto expo it melted. America exposition center, the eighteen th through the twenty first the hottest new cars, trucks, and SUV's test-drive vehicles right of the expo guilty. Auto expo Utah dot com for discounts January savings event on the sleep number three, sixty smart bet. The only bet that senses your movements. Automatically adjust your comfort and support on both sides. You sleep number setting now ranked number one in customer satisfaction with mattresses by Jd power. It's a weekend special say five hundred dollars on select sleep number three, sixty smart pets, plus reframing delivery and set up on most bats and special financing ends Monday for twenty eighteen awarded formation is power dot com. To find your local sleep number store, go to sleepnumber dot com. Special financing subject to credit approval minimum monthly payments required. See store for details. Volkswagen south town has gone bonkers is giving you a two for one Bogo pricing. At least a two thousand eighteen Wolfsburg for her and get him. A twenty nineteen data is only pay three hundred ninety nine dollars a month for both the award winning twenty nine hundred ninety one s for yourself and get her tweet eighteen s four nineteen a month for boats leads the two thousand eighteen atlas as for the family and get yourself. A twenty nineteen only four ninety seven a month for both. This is one buy-one-get-one sale. You don't wanna miss is your payment to high stuck in your car, bringing your car in Volkswagen? Southbound will pay you the original base MS RPM when you buy any new you heard bite upgrade today and Volkswagen southbound will pay you the original bass Amazon for it. Does acting only for my leads manufacturer incentives in any damage. Don't miss our by one get one sale now through the end of the mind. Visit VW southbound dot com for details. Visit off the west side of seen at one hundred six thousand multiple cars of this price. Forty eight hundred miles per year on I twenty four months prepaid legal. Second vehicle. I cannot be combined offer for two thousand ten in your highlands excluded. Gentlemen, pick and pull would like to introduce you to Dr cash everything meaning the doctor here. Just recycled old junk car that's been sitting in his driveway got because he needs care. Everybody needs cash. If you've got an old junk car need immediate cash doesn't matter if it can't start smog or isn't registered called cash Rejang cars at eight hundred four four two junk and turn it into cash now that's one eight hundred four four two junk and picking full we'll arrange a child and give you top dollar for your junk, car Ashra junk car with a doctor order. Call eight hundred four four two junk if you're suffering from DD dollar dysfunction. I regularly income J C junk cars cash for cars is your prescription for immediate money show. Call eight hundred four four two junk and get cash from picking Paul the best place in the world of by used car and truck parts at super low prices on cars, eight hundred four four to joke. Eight hundred four four two five eight six five picking ball. Are we sell parts, and we buy cars? Nisha here. Talking about my favorite cars in the world. New Honda is from your Utah Honda dealers where you always get more and save more when you buy or lease a new Honda. I know personally, both my husband and I drive new Honda accords. And we'd love all the features technology and value. Get more in the twenty nine thousand nine Honda civics. The best buy award overall winner and save more with Honda's best in class fuel economy. More safety. Several different Hondas are IHS top safety picks. More technology like multi angle review cameras, the hottest sensing technology, suite the Honda link.

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