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Pressure on him because he's playing for others not just himself that's how i see it whether he thinks is pressure regardless where they'd comes out and says there's going to be pressure and he's behind one good quarterback sam bradford my glenn have you couldn't plan chicago uk play mike and percent stay hill out why do why do people not not love josh rosen like you talk saint john bosco people and they're like you talk to people ucla it's the overwhelming sense of man he just comes across as so era ghent such a no it's not like see as what some people perceive as arrogant i perceive it as confidence why shouldn't i believe in myself and he believes in him so why shouldn't he i look at it as he's confident in his ability he believes in his ability to get out there and play football and it so you show me any different i'm wishing and the other people have to talk themselves into a level of confidence and then some people just go out and show it and that's where i'm a little bit off on josh rosen i've been rooting for him steve clarkson's work with him loves him quarterback guru steve clarkson greg what i'm just a little bit leery of josh rosen his attitude he's bringing to the league eric you brought up something we're going to discuss next time you're on the show as there ever been a better one to draft combination then john elway and eric dickers no i can answer that i don't know if there ever has been i welcome by dot latest here for last call us moved to youth basketball or the video of an ugly brawl between players referees eddie termine and georgia when viral this week no criminal charges have been filed and the coach of the team in question says the referee actually started the fight doug i know you're heavily involved with a sports and college what your dad was a high school coach your take on the whole issue look i cube wrongs don't make a right but the first thing that jumps out at me is there's a societal issue at play here in our lack of respect for authority they're like congress we don't like commissioner we don't like president we don't like the heads of anything they're all wrong even now when you have kids in school kid gets in trouble parents called principal what's the matter with the teacher right again that doesn't make what the official initially did right but how about other parents coming out of the stands and grabbing any kid and separating them instead of filming it and watching it happen i'm gonna throw your curb on the second question do you think the nba players and how much they question officiating and bicker with officiating do you see that trickling down to the younger players some obviously they they never put their hands on a ref and the raft never puts their hands on them but some i don't i just it's never a good look to stand over a referee to constantly question referee it's just because the kids watch everybody watches these games it's one of the good things about the college sport is they don't allow it to happen and they shouldn't allow it to happen to me nba my fingers it's gotten out of hand i'm not blaming mba players here the repertoire for squaring overdose kids see you next week.

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