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Twenty people that you thought were untouchable in our business and our now unhospitable today and you could say well that's bad behavior that's true but they re written the rules and regulations part of our discussion earlier this morning with brian kilmeade the brian kilmeade show two hours coming up this morning beginning at nine o'clock stay with us here on news ninety six point five wdbo state forty one now hello tom terry joe good morning to you and a very humid start this morning very steamy after some early morning showers we've been tracking coming in from south florida all night long there's a week storm system in the gulf of mexico part of the same storm system that kind of help kick out burto all the way over the weekend and it's still sitting out there in the gulf and really just kind of spinning around and creating showers as what it likes to do we had some overnight here and still expecting scattered showers on and off through the afternoon today with a seventy percent coverage because see some heavier downpours of course once we heat up into the lower eighties today a rain chance still sixty percent for tomorrow and friday as daytime highs get closer to that ninety degree mark which is our average then we get into the weekend still expecting a bit of drier air move again but we'll just bring the rain chance down a bit thirty to forty percent but the humidity is going to stay with us so we'll have a heat index in the upper nineties by sunday out they extended five day forecast four times an hour from channel nine eyewitness news i'm certified chief meteorologist tom terry tom cloudy rainy seventysix now what are landau severe weather station safetouch security triple team traffic taking a look at our wdbo jam cams i four at michigan that's where you're going to see some slowdowns on i four eastbound beginning on the approach to downtown very wet roads in that area to do allow for extra time wherever you're heading this morning rain is going to.

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