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Broomfield. The denver. Art museum says it will try to restore ten rare Mayan and Chinese art works damaged by a man who went on a destructive rampage Sunday afternoon. Police arrested eighteen year old Jake Sieben list on the fourth floor of the museum museum director, Chris Heinrich credits. Quick action for stopping the attack from going any further. Our Gary personnel really was able to keep him there in the gallery and. Really at the end stop him from what he was doing. He's says there's video of what happened was captain surveillance. We have surveillance footage of the whole incident. It's actually with the police right now. Was booked on a felony mischief charge pending further investigation. A new report shows both the United States Olympic committee based in Colorado Springs, and USA gymnastics knew about allegations against Dr Larry Nassar a year before an investigative report broke the story open. According to the two hundred page report released by the global law firm ropes and gray, USA gymnastics CEO Steve penny alerted US Olympic Committee. CEO Scott Blackmun and chief of sport performance Allen. Ashley about abuse allegations against Dr Larry Nassar in two thousand fifteen but the USOC never followed up and the two CEO's engaged in affirmative efforts to protect and preserve their institutional interests. The US Olympic Committee releasing a statement admitting it failed the victims survivors in their families also announcing its fired. Ashley Ryan burrow, ABC news at the supreme court rejecting appeals from two states trying to disqualify Planned Parenthood clinics from getting public Medicaid funds supreme court's decision. Allows lower court rulings to stand that means both can. And Louisiana can't terminate Planned Parenthood from their state Medicaid programs at least for now the states have moved to cut funds from the clinics after heavily edited videos by an anti-abortion group claimed his show Planned Parenthood officials profiting from sales of fetal tissue for medical research or the cases do not directly relate to abortion rights. Today's decision is a victory for women who seek care at the facilities and a setback for conservatives who've attempted to hamstring them. Devon, Dwyer ABC news at the supreme court after yesterday's twenty two fourteen loss to the Niners Broncos head coach Vance Joseph says quarterback case keenum played a to say, I want them to be more especially down seems off those cover three defenses. That's what a soft spot source. So he's kind of aggressive Donald seems and not worry about making stakes on Saturday. The Broncos host the Cleveland Browns are covered. Search at noon kickoff at six twenty on the home of the Broncos KOA NewsRadio. Apparently, a true love story in Ireland was. Just too good to last a forty six year old woman who claimed to have married the ghost of a three hundred year old pirate says the pair has now split up. She announced the sad news on social media over the weekend. The blissful coupled been married for less than a year. Says she's going to explain it all in due course, that for now she says only that dabbling in spirituality is really not something to mess with miss Mandy. And here I thought it was for an eternity. Susan. They were forever. And so did she I guess it just wasn't meant to be hanging tough. All right Dowa industrials. How to good day today finally turning it around positive up thirty four points S and P five hundred gained four the NASDAQ up fifty one. Our next update.

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