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Among those to address the protests with democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut, who's also an alum of Lia law school, dean, Heather, gherkins, released a statement saying the accusations against Kevin are quote, rightly causing deep concern Yale Law School and across the country. Meanwhile, yell law school professor who had a New York Times op-ed and supportive cabinets nomination when it was first announced now called for an investigation of the sexual assault claims in a new op-ed in the Yale daily news Monday titled second thoughts on cavenaugh professor kill Amar wrote. I believe these accusations deserve the best and most professional investigation possible. Even if that means a brief additional delay on the ultimate vote on judge cavern on even if that investigation delay imperils is confirmation. This is a Marin CNN have second thoughts because a second issue has arisen and this an issue about which, frankly, I don't have the facts. I don't think any American yet has the facts that's professor Amar for. More. We go to Yale University where we're joined by Samantha pills the second year Yale Law student who helped organize. Monday's protests, welcome to democracy. Now, Samantha, it's great to have you with us. Talk about what you're doing at Yale. Brett Kabanov, yell alum. So as you previously said on Monday, we host a sit in the first thirty minutes. We sat in silence. Took in the silence that suffused as women whose allegations go unreported sometimes for decades as your previous guests spoke about after that we did teach in and we're joined by Senator Blumenthal. We discussed Kavanagh's jurisprudence educating ourselves and as law students and other students who had joined us about what the stakes are in this confirmation process. And then a bit later, we did a walkout and discussed sexual assault allegations in our community and throughout American society as a group, it was probably one of the most powerful things I've ever witnessed at my time. AOL law school. It's a matter pills kick. You talk about what you think the significance is of this protest at Yale University where of course, Brett is an alum. Well, as you said. Yale Law degree is a stamp of approval. It's a position of power. It's a. A piece of paper that you can take into the world and show people. I am qualified to do things, and we really, really want to appeal to the highest values of our institution to the highest. We want our alumni to appeal to the highest values and we're attempting to hold both our school and our alumni accountable for the power that they hold. We believe that that power has a corresponding responsibility, and we want to broadcast to the world that we understand that responsibility that were interrogating that responsibility and we demand that are alumni take that responsibility. What are you calling for now? Our protests on Monday was primarily about three issues. The first was to support Dr Christine, Blasi Ford, and the other accusers that have come forward. These women are incredibly brave. And as you've spoken about this echoes in the hearings twenty seven years ago within Nita hill, we want the Senate to get it right this time. We are opposing the hasty and incomplete hearing process that is going on. Now, you know, in law school, we learn that one of the fundamental principles of the legal system is that to the best of your abilities you engage with and investigate the facts before you come to any decision, and we're demanding that are senators. Do that in this instance. Well, Samantha pelts. Will you be watching today and then what are the plans of the students also staff, the latest news. We have twenty eight hundred women have signed the letter in support of Brett Kavanagh's accuser. Debbie Ramirez. They were both freshmen at Yale when she says he thrust his genitals in her face at a drunken Yale party. We will be watching hearings all day today, Gill law school, and we'll continue speaking out speaking to the press until we feel like there is a full and fair investigation of these allegations. The Brad Kavanagh is not in a criminal court. He is being vetted to be a risen to the highest court in the land. And we feel like his qualifications need to be thoroughly examined before or if that happens. Samantha pelts wanna. Thank you so much for being with us. Second year Yale Law student who helped organize a protest, Monday to demand a full fair impartial investigation into the allegations against the school's alum supreme court. Nominee Brett Cavanaugh again, Debbie Ramirez also a student at Yale. This is democracy. Now when we come back President Trump's spent the week at the United Nations, he called for sanctions more. Actions against Venezuela. We'll talk with VJ per shod, stay with us. Who's. You've you, but there's. Doc

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