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Simply he, you know, he can move the ball, and then Kouzmin Ingram giving putting scores around the Braun. And obviously LeBron does is thing. There was one thing that you actually said about you're evaluating them right now. How do you evaluate the young guys right now without LeBron because there has to be some stock put into that? Right. Well, then you're sitting go look what look what they can do. Right. And to me it's about Brandon Ingram and Lonzo ball going through stretches where they're the best player on the court for what about when they struggle to play. And when they struggle. I am I am evaluating them. And to me I year three Brandon Ingram when we look around the league and see guys like Ben Simmons Donovan Mitchell, and Jason Tatum in year one and two and Darren Faulk, contributing on these teams, Brandon Ingram shown up one night disappearing. Another night not being aggressive one night. Not being the best player in the floor for any stretch of time against the Knicks that to me as an indictment on his potential. I'm not as high as Brandon Ingram has a lot of people are. I I need to see it tonight against the team. That's under five hundred on the outside looking in the playoff race and the Eastern Conference Detroit Pistons will there be stretches of the of the game where he's the best player on the floor. I think that's a fair evaluation during this time when the bronze out. Yeah. I I don't know. I think they there's pressure on these young guys they may not admit to it. Fresher is a privilege. They felt that. I think they were they had to feel pressure with LeBron on the floor how they fit with them. What does the Laurent expect for them? What does LeBron wont every game feels like game but prom night, and it's a huge high school atmosphere when LeBron's their heels like homecoming weekend, and I remember asking someone in the Lakers. Like, oh when LeBron got hurt. I was like, okay. This is going to be like last year except for the young guys are year older and should be technically a year better. And this person said to me, well, you know, what this is remember last year's team had Julius Randle and brook Lopez. And that was a big big deal. And you've seen the end of these stretches sometimes the team has real..

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