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Entertaining and fun h Mckee winning so much happening in the world of MA. And of course, we set our sights on Rochester this weekend. You have see returning to the great state of New York. First time in Rochester though, and the main event this Kevin Lee making his seventy pound debut in the against former lightweight champion have felt a very sneaky card, by the way, look at that card that card is. Fun. I like that a lot Felicia Spencer making your debut gets Megan engine. There's a lot to like their sage north making his one debut this weekend as well. There's never downtime in this sport. I mean, just look at that lineup. That's a fun lineup, by the way. They look great win back in February. It's Neil Magny. Tokyo, Carl's junior against Ian Heinisch being that I mentioned Charles, lavar, Nick, Lintz fun. Austin Hubbard fund Davey, Ramos fun. A lot of fun. All right. Here's today's lineup. And then we shall get to our first guest of the day, the f- or mentioned Jared cannon near will join us at around three forty pm eastern time the killer gorilla walked into Rio again much like the judge people want to take the win away from him. That was not a freak accident. That was not Anderson slipping on a banana peel he attacked the leg and eventually injured the leg damage, the leg and one that fight fair and square what a win for him. Didn't have his luggage all week in Brazil didn't have his mouth piece. His Cup went in there. No problems big win. And. Then he shoved it right back at the people booing him disrespecting him. Just let it soak in. It was wonderful stuff. Top the bottom from Jared cannon near the forementioned. Kevin Lee will join us at around three twenty two preview his welterweight debut against half Aldo Sandra's fund fight this fight a lot. I'm looking forward to it on Saturday. How about CBO ch- returning to the show he meets Daniel Cormie? Of course on August. Seventeenth in Anaheim, the rematch for the heavyweight title haven't talked to stay in fact, I don't think he's made any public comments maybe an Instagram post or something since the fight was announced. I'm looking forward to this Jake Hager, aka Jack swagger will join us at around two forty five. He got the win on Saturday gets the F or mentioned TJ Jones first round submission now to know in his Bill tour career and dare I say Jake Hager, turning heel dare I say that's a good move from. It's more natural persona. If you will I don't think he was acting necessary. But he's just he's kind of like biff from back to the future better as hill, in my opinion. Mike table join us at around two twenty you'll recall last week. We had George Lockhart on the show called him out said he wants to fight him in August. Well, we are about to get the response. This is amazing nutritionist wars playing out in front of us. What's better than this? He has promised us some fire. I'm looking forward to that at around twenty Anthony Pettus. We'll stop by to five Anthony Pettus. I heard his name over the weekend. Oh, yeah. He's fighting Nathan d as August seventeenth. You have to forty one Anaheim, California, Anthony Pettus, Nathan as one hundred seventy pounds. I fight for three years. This is incredible stuff. You'll see matchmakers by the way and that twenty four hour span Friday Saturday book this fight also Tony Ferguson versus Donald Sironi well done. I know you guys don't like me very much. But I gotta say well done you guys. Killed in that twenty four hours. See I could give you credit because you did a great job well done. Anyway, we'll talk to Anthony about that. Douglas Lima will join us at one forty five talk about his big win over MVP and now moving onto the finals of the Biltmore welterweight grand prix, and then at one twenty five we'll be joined by touch on Suarez, of course, one of the best straw weights in the world. She returns to action on June eighth. You have see two thirty eight. She fights DNA answer off in a number one contender fight, at least in my opinion wall. So of course, get her opinion on the main event Saturday night between Rosa Eunice and just gone drudge..

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