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Out a ball. I gotta say that little has changed my life and it's the title of my new book which is about to change yours. It's available now. Also go get your copy at everything figure out about DOT com. Hey everyone and welcome to another episode of Marine TV. The end the Marie Forleo podcast. So this right here. This is our two of our three part series how to do a decade in Review Hashtag and F- decade in Review View. So in part one we walk through how to gather up all your accomplishments right what you are super proud of from the past ten years then we talked about how to leverage all your learning so if you missed any of that you need to go back and check out part one right now and get her done now today. What we're going to tackle is the next section and I've promised what what you're doing right now is going to set you up to really have the most joyful the most productive and the most meaningful decade had? That's what it's all about so make sure that you've got your journals else and you guys are jealous has and we're ready to go now. The next action. You're going to work on is this. It's called section three. which is what I'm willing to let go of? Oh my goodness you guys. This is such a big one. This is the only one that we're going to work on today. Here's we're GONNA get to ray down on all the things that you are ready and willing to let go of before you enter this brand new decade and there's actually three places that you're going to look for these these things to release little subsections if you will and the first is this old projects and goals so are there any projects or I should do this type of goals that have just been circling around your head for years that you've never made time for because honestly maybe you didn't really want him that bad in the first place. Maybe it was an idea from someone else that you took on. But it wasn't true to your heart or maybe it was an expectation from a family member or society that was never really yours in the first place I think about it like this old goals and projects are Kinda like leftovers in your fridge. Food that at one point. You're like I should really eat that. I should really say that but then it just sat in your fridge for weeks or months is taken up all kinds of space then gruesome for and then you feel guilty every time you the fridge and you see it well guess what most of us guys them old Moldy Pradesh lurking around our mental fridge too. So this is your opportunity to get ask them out of your head and get them onto the page so you can officially let them go because on a conscious or subconscious level I gotta be real these old goals and projects. They're taking bandwith valuable bandwidth that you're going to need a rock. The twenty twenties cool excellent so the next little all subjects then is called resentments anger and upset. ooh This is a big one. So be honest. Are there any resentments or upset that you've been hanging onto. Do you have some emotional baggage that you are willing to release. Is there anybody in your life that you need to forgive have including yourself. I want you to write it down and even if you don't know how you're going to do any of this at this moment it's totally okay. Okay as long as you're willing I promise you you will find a way or make a way to release all this crop. Remember everything figure out about right. I wrote a whole book about it. You you could totally figure it out now. Finally the last section here and this is the most important it's limiting beliefs or crappy old stories. You gotta ask yourself what limiting beliefs or crappy old stories. Have you been telling yourself for the past ten years or more stories that just no longer serve you so for example. Maybe it's time to let go that limiting belief that you are too old or you're too young to thing that you really want to do or maybe maybe you're finally done with that story that there's no room for you because it's all been done before man. That thing is so tired or maybe you're ready to let go of your excuses about not having enough time or not having enough know how would possibly it's time to let go of that crappy old story that you're not good good enough or you're not capable enough to bring your dream to life so look. Can we just Dariel for a minute here. I need you to listen to me so come closer come a little bit closer sir. You are so much more powerful and capable than you give yourself credit for. I know you know this deep down but sometimes a little shit talker in your head gets the best you doesn't it yes it does am I right. I know him right because it gets the best of all of us myself included but this is an amazing opportunity to let let go of all the crap that hold you back before you go into a new decade now. Once you've written down all that stuff I want you to re read your list. Then you're you're gonNA have a new little subsection and it's called this. What's most important to let go of and why now just like we did? In part one you're going to identify the most important ordinance things that you need to let go of and why it's vital you let all this crap right now so after. So what has this thing cost you over the past decade. What is holding onto this resentment or this limiting belief or this old story? What is it prevented you from experiencing or achieving and why is it crucial? Crucial that you let this damn thing go now and once and for all I want you to write as much as you want. Remember reasons come before results and purpose purpose fuels persistence. And with that I gotta say Nice Damn Work You did it. That's all you got to do for today. So coming up. Next is the final piece of our three report series. We're going to actually finish your decade or in view and it's GonNa be awesome next week actually includes this really fun time traveling exercise that I think you're gonNA love but for right right now I wanna know what's the number one thing that you wanna let go of before the new decade. Come tell me at Marie Lou dot com or cadmium at Marie forleo on social media and use the Hashtag M. F. Decade in review. So I can share you on of course if you're not yet subscribed to our email list do it now what the hell you waiting for. Our emails are bursting. I think with love and positivity and I promise you they will keep you focused and motivated and on-track until next time stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world really does. I need that very special gift. That only you have thank you so much for tuning into TV. And the Marie Forleo podcast. I'll get to next time. Hey you haven't trouble double bringing your dreams to life for guess. What the problem is you? It's not that you're not working or intelligent or deserving. It's that you haven't yet installed the one key. Belief believe that will change it. All everything is figure out if my new book can you can order it now. At everything is cigarette. -Able DOT COM Thank you so much for listening in. If you're into it subscribed leave review and tell your friends..

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