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As we continue with ohio congressman freedom caucus member jim jordan is with us what do we have any idea what komi was referring to when he threw loretta lynch on the bus with information that nobody at this point knows about that caused him to feel that he needed assert her power and step in and be the public face of the clinton email investigation because whatever it is it sounds ominous dot i do not know i do not know if it's something that was communicated independent than ours from his tarmac meeting i do not know i think that in and in and of itself is is is a big concern that loretta lynch met with former president clinton three days before secretary clinton was to be interviewed but i don't know if it was something conveyed conversation that he knows about the wheel i just do not know but even apart from that i it still was wrong for mr comey to take this over in obviously the accidents loretta lynch were wrong as well what about one other thing when qomi said oh my god did we have some role in this when donald trump one come on the only reason comb even brought it forward is because we all thought this did we said this before because he thought she was going to win everyone in the swamp here thought she was going to win so he was like there's no harm here i'll do this and and bringing it from other than that if if he'd have been you know he didn't think she was gonna win i don't think he'd announced that they'd reopened the investigation but these guys think about this sean james comey's he's been fired andrew mccabe spin fire jim baker former fbi chief counsel has been demoted reassigned peter struck epide had a counterintelligence demo reassigned lisa page fbi council demoted reassign these are the top people the fbi when did you ever see that many people fired demoted reassigned who were running the place of course one of our big problems.

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