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A disappointing start to the season for Badgers football as they end up losing to Penn State 16 10 at Camp Randall. Yesterday Grand merged 22 of 37 185 yards, No touchdowns, two interceptions. They are led in the air by Danny Davis, who has eight receptions for 99 yards. But the story of this game is missed opportunities. Badgers had multiple times or look like they could get some more points on the board. They end up coming up short after the game. Head coach of Paul Chris talked about those missed opportunities. Didn't do a good job of scoring points and you've got to score points to win. Early. You know, we've got the, uh I mean twice where inside the five. You get your go on packaging, and we jump offsides once and then end of the game. We've got Ms Exchange with another exchange problem in the red zone. Take care of the football and all the things that that you know about football and, uh and we didn't do it well enough today to and we certainly didn't finish. Wisconsin will play host to Eastern Michigan coming up next Saturday. Brewers baseball. They beat the Cardinals yesterday by a four Nothing score a huge performance from Adrian Hauser. He throws a complete game shutout, nine innings. Three hits, seven strikeouts, No walks. He is the first Brewers pitcher since Jimmy Nelson in 2017 to even throw a complete game and the first since Kyle Lotion 2014 to throw a complete game shutout. 100 pitches, gets them through all nine innings, and manager Craig Counsell said he never really thought about going to the bullpen. He was so efficient. It really wasn't I mean, there wasn't there wasn't multiple base runners on in an inning standings were 10 11 14. You know, it just kept going kind of the same way he was in control of every count. I'm not sure how many three ball counts he had and feel like many we got Josh up in the ninth just to make sure Josh is ready If something happened quickly, but could on stage and he finished it off. Luis, Serious hits A home run is 19th of the year. This series will wrap up this afternoon. An American family field Corbyn burns against Jon Lester. One 11th pitch. Our coverage is set to begin just after 12 o'clock. Some other scores from around a baseball in the N L. Central Cubs over the Pirates by a 76 score and the Reds knock off the Tigers seven for the Reds continue to hold the second wild card in the National League. They currently have a half game lead over the San Diego Padres. With the Cardinals 2.5 games back in the Phillies, three games back In the N L Central. The Brewers continue to run away with it as they lead the Reds by 10 games. Matt Polly Wtmj sports Thanks a lot, but hey, Isaac, I've got a little sports news here. Did you hear about Aaron Rodgers? What about him? I think he put his foot in his mouth. He was talking to something called Hoat Living and, you know, he said that he's returning obviously to Green Bay. And that means if he and Shihlin Woodley, his Fiance are going to be spending the next few months apart, And here's his quote, he says. It's a busy work time for her. So probably came at a good time for both of us to be able to focus on our work. He should have left it there. Instead, he said, I think it's going to be a good thing. Oh Oh, yeah, Watch it when it's a fiance. Just say gee, being apart. That's a good thing. All right, It's 9 49 coming up. We've got some news for you about college loans. It's all ahead on Wisconsin weekend morning news. Every hour. The.

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